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Quote: Originally Posted by greggf "QUOTE OTL avoids coloration from output transformers but has problems of its own. Such as the lack of dynamics." Is the WooAudio 3 an OTL design? If so, is that why we heard a lack of dynamics in the Woo3 when we had it in our system? Or is it not an OTL issue but rather a WA3 - specific issue? (It's not a system issue - some other amps have been fine, dynamics-wise.) My WA3 with power tube 5998...
George, your review is informative and interesting! Great! I am looking forward to the Part II review...
this website provides 7236,, I have made several purchases from the company, it's service is great, fast reply and shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bob Jones I can't speak for the 3 , but I am extremely pleased with the 6 . I'm a set tube fan for pure tube sound , the 3 has otl transformer . They make my 595's sound so good I'm going to the 650's or rs-1's Hi, Bob, the wa3 doesn't have the output transformers, but wa6 does. I recently bought a 701, and I hear it with my wa6. It sounds detailed and juicy. when I turn the volume at 1 o'clock, the wa6 makes enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by jdimitri I swear there was one on ebay about 6 months ago I am curious about that, where is it?
Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda Why are there so many tubes (2 power and then 2 drivers for each channel)? I have asked Wei this question before, he told me that 2 pieces of 6922 are audio signal gain tubes, 2 pieces of ECC82 are drive tubes, and 2 pieces of 6c19 are power tubes.
Quote: Originally Posted by nichifanlema Just a quick question : I plugged a 5U4G tube in, and I found out the filament(?) thingy doesn't get as bright as 5AR4 tube did... Is this because 5U4G has Heater Current of 3.0 A, while 5AR4 has 1.9A ? Because the constructions of these two tubes are different, the bright is not the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by nichifanlema The music is very detailed, and musical....i love it! The amp seems to be taming the high ends of DT990, and the cold shrillness that used to be there seems to be going away; but the detail still stays there. I really like this clear sound! ...however, the music is more "Full" sounded, warm, still very detailed, and balanced nicely. Great reviews! That's what I want to say.
Thank you guys! I will write more about my experience. I have never modified my wa3, I should change some tubes, 5998 or 7336, right? I turn on the tube amp 15 minutes before I listen to it. I turn off it when I leave. the tubes on wooaudio are not expensive, but have good sound, it is one reason I love wooaudio so much. I dont care the lifespan of the tubes, for example, the 5ar4 is from $10 to $45, the 6de7 is about $8.
Quote: Originally Posted by nichifanlema YES !!!!!!!! THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!! got a quick question : when I install the tubes, do I have to push them in all the way? And it's been about 15 min since I turned the amp on....and the tubes are getting REALLY this normal? Hi, Nichifanlema. The temperature of the bulb is above 200 degrees Celsius, be careful! It's normal. I want to know what model of the headphones you are using?
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