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 Bad - Michael Jackson
 Have you tried standing on your head while listening to a pair of solid gold speakers yet?
 Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment - The Ramones
 Lot's of times you'll find grams (weight) in the product description, especially on sites like Amazon, etc.  
 This too Shall Pass - OK Go
   Sorry :S. Pr is there another one?
 Usually I sing without the music, and don't when I'm listening to it. Never a second without some good music ;) I probably don't sing along because I have open cans.
 Long Distance (Binaural) - Explorations in Space and Time - Lenny White, Jamey Haddad, Mark Sherman - Chesky (I really didn't know what to put down there).
 Before I was an audiophile, I was one of those tweens you hate that keep bragging about their "Skullcandy Skullcrushers." My cousin introduced me to a pair of Grados that after one second of listening to I pushed away and said "these are sh*t. They have no Bass and they're uncomfortable." Deep down I was admitting to myself that those sounded so much better, but I wanted to be cool and content with the skullcandies. It was on the plane ride from Vancouver to LA that my...
 Have a A LOT of fun :D
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