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 Subscribed :)    Grados, Grados, Grados, GRADOS! And hearts <3 <3 <3 so many hearts for GRADOS :D    A little over-enthusiastic I know, but some nice acoustic guitar and vocals on these things is enough to make me cry (in a VERY good way).
 Phiaton PS320 on for 79.99 on Amazon :)
 Denon AH-d310 going on a lighting deal in 2 hours 40 minutes on Amazon.
 I saw the opportunity and prayed to god I would be the first ;)
 They would probably sound better that way
 Next thing you know, the cups will be able to turn..... 360 degrees
 And they survive all the fire and war-axes? :O
 What headphones do you use for pillaging?
 Pfft, of course I can understand that :p
 Tube amps are always good for Grados, and I hear nothing but good things about the little dot amps. You'll want a low output impedance as the Grados are incredibly easy to drive.
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