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 One of my friends and I love this same song, it's acoustic guitar-based, generally all around mid-range based. So, after listening to it through a tinny blackberry speaker, with a 96 kbps rip from youtube,  I told them to listen to that exact song. As soon as they put the Grados on their head, they immediately took them off and started scouring the room. When I asked them why, all I got was "to look for the speakers." When I told them there weren't any they were just...
 U can't get over how good these things are. Sometimes when I get up I shout it to the world ;)
 Yellow - Coldplay
 Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore
 I think he meant that it can better your chances, he wasn't implying that it was the only factor :)
 The House Always Wins - OK Go
 FUS..... RO...... DAH
 Unfortunately, they're the only "high end" (I laugh at that) headphones you'll see in Dubai :(
 Can't we all just get along :'( ?    But just an analogy I saw before that I kind of liked: Many times, the difference between someone who can hear the difference in headphones/speakers/audio in general and those who can't is simply training. In the way that if one person is a trained engine mechanic, while the other has no experience, if an engine has a problem they'll both hear the same thing. However, the mechanic will have been experienced enough to pinpoint a...
 I played Shine Acoustic (by Muse) for one of my friends through my Grados (with wood slip-ons..... Very yummy). The friend happened to be an Apple Fanatic who owns some beats solos. After a minute of listening, he flat-out said : "I'm selling these beats."    And quite surprised I was :)    He hasn't ended up selling them yet, but I'm helping him pick out a good pair of headphones :)
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