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 Hello everyone :)    I received a GT40 for Christmas, but I got the US version, meaning it only supports 110-120v input. However, I live in Dubai, which means I had to add an inverter into the equation. I can hear some noise on the odd occasion, and I was wondering, would that be caused by the inverter?    
 Yes, I definitely am younger :p don't know about experienced, just very,  very enthusiastic (hence the 655 post count, although I have slacked off recently). I live in Canada during Summer (school break). You're welcome for the thread on it, I was just so surprised I couldn't find any! :)    I have to agree to some extent. Usually Jack-of-all-trades kind of things in general are good at all but masters of none.In this case, I find that varies. The amp is good, but...
 I definitely can't believe the difference after using it for a while. It's so full of energy, it just brings this vividness and speed to the music that makes it seemed like my Fiio was dulling down and boxing everything in. There's no noise I can detect, and you're right, an absolutely solid build. It's a nice weighty chassis. I know that there's better out there, obviously, but all I've had beside this is the Fiio combo, and this is just a night and day difference. :)...
 About 3 songs worth -_- It's been really hectic, I came back to Canada for Christmas and haven't had much time to use it. On top of that, my computer is half-broken. The clarity of it really surprised me though, compared to my previous Fiio E7 and E9, it's separation, clarity, and detail is outstanding
 Well, a very good Christmas for me. I just Got the ADL GT40, and I'm unbelievably pumped. I haven't found many threads about this, or much mention of it, but I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? I would love to hear some :)
 Just me..... wearing headphones.
 Hopefully North Koreans can finally lead a normal, un-opressed life. I really hope that this succession goes right, and the new leader isn't like his pre-decessor .
 V-moda M-80s ? From what I've heard and seen they're   -light   -stlyish   -Portable   -Durable   -fairly comfortable and noise-isolating   -discreet (not massive growths on your head    I'm pretty sure they're good for most of your genres, but you'll have to get other opinions, as I haven't tried hem first-hand.
 Furutech ADL GT-40 and Pro-ject Debut III :)
 I already definitely know what I would want. If I were to receive this gift-card, I would by the Rocoo P and LIVE earbuds. Firstly, the Rocoo P because to be honest, an Hi-Fi DAP is something I've always wanted, and at such an affordable price, that would be hard to pass up. Depending on how long the gift card lasts for, I might even be able to save up enough for the Studio. The LIVE earbuds appeal to me just because besides Yuin's Products, I never really see any Hi-Fi...
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