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 Don't go with Fanny wangs. I hated them when I tried them, definitely not good for the money you would blow.    I'm also fairly young, at 15. And I know this isn't true for everyone at this age-range, but you're probably going to want something slightly stylish? Lot's of the suggestions you'll get on head-fi will be, put nicely, somewhat clunky or obtrusive. So, if you do wish to wear these at school/ in public without any chance of mockery, I would probably...
My babies ;)
Hello :)    I've recently come into an unexpected financial windfall. It now appears that I may be able to afford the RS2i or RS1i, which I'm greatly excited about. However, to give me the extra funds, I figure I might need to sell my trusty, loved SR125s.    I've had them for about a year now. I have a pair of beautiful cocobolo slip-ons from MCA. They've been taken care of very well, but not necessarily babied (I've traveled with them, albeit with a homemade...
I love the wood accents on these. I've never tried them IRL though, I would love to.
Soaring highs- I love treble! But I don't necessarily want highs to completely overpower my music. Midrange- I want my mid-range to be quite prominent, pronounced but still sounding natural. I want just the right touch of warmth in my music, just to take away the cold and harsh sound lots of treble will sometimes bring. Along with mids, I want tight, quick bass. Not necessarily agressive, but not slow. Soundstage and presentation I generally go for a more out-of-head...
 Hello, and pardon my massive lapse in participation in these forums :)    I got exciting news on my birthday when I discovered I had gotten the Pro-ject rpm 1.3, my favourite turntable (design-wise, and through a brief audition, sound-wise). I was all excited, but there is, unfortunately, a problem. I live in the UAE, which means American appliances will have to be run through a step down inverter. I have a step down inverter, and I have an ADL GT40 plugged into it,...
From what I can understand, accuracy, or separation? No offense meant at all, but the description you've provided is a little bit strange :p
Double post -_-
 If you are getting Grados, I would suggest trying to get Flac or WAV files, if you want to truly appreciate the experience. But Grados, for the genres you've stated, are definitely going to be one of your best bets.
Believe me, there's lots of attention directed towards a lot of other brands as well :)    
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