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Beats are a flop for the world. 300 bucks for a pair of less than mediocre headphones, and we just lap it up. Must be the amazing "Active Noise-cancelling Technology". ;)
To be honest, I wouldn`t recommend the A-900s. I`ve heard the pads are uncomfortable, and they sure look it. The wing support can creak after a while, the sound quality leaves a little to be desired (though from the sounds of it, it`s not bad- just could be better).    This is all based on speculation, seeing as I am too poor and live to far away to actually ever try/buy too much. I truly believe you should dish out a little more/do a little more research for a...
MS paint is taking over your life Parall3l, run while you can!
 Yes sir.
Very, very briefly. I made a quick stop at a weird shop in the Vancouver airport, I was quite surprised to see them out on display. I was in a rush though, I only got about 15 seconds in
Unfortunately, when you run the audio from a portable device (phone, iPod, etc.) the E7 only acts as an amp. It's only when you use the USB input that it acts as a DAC as well.
If you just want a volume boost, I think the Fiio E6 should do the trick. I've got the E7 as an external amp that I sometimes use, it's pretty good, and I've heard that the E6 has a better amp circuit.
 Got some vinyl. Thanks again for the opportunity :)
If it were me, I wouldn't go for the Aviators. I actually had a chance to demo a well broken-in pair for a fair amount of time. They get a lot of attention because they're not terrible, which is a shock for a pair of skull candies, but "not terrible" doesn't necessarily mean good. There's a lot better you can get for just a little bit more money.
I really have a feeling you would like the M80s. Downright sexy in my opinion, with sound that can live up the looks. I would recommend discussing it with other people though.     -extra bass for the beat but not so much it makes everything sound deep- I'm not exactly sure what you mean by too deep, but the bass on these is fast, and powerful without being overpowering and muddy. Nice upperbass punch from what I've heard.   -even, clear highs and mids- This is...
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