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3 year old Fiio E9/E7 combo. The only thing lacking is the paperwork. I used this for probably a year and a half before I got my ADL GT40. It's not the best thing ever, but great for entry level, and I'm willing to sell it for cheap because of it's age. Good condition though. I think the headphone connection can be a tiny bit buggy, but not annoyingly so. The money would be going towards more vinyls, and a new cartridge for my turntable, if that eases your mind.
Forgot to mention, I also have the carrying case.
Price drop.
I haven't spent a lot of time with these, so my judgement might be off. Let me put it this way: They out-perform every other bluetooth head-set/earbud/headphone I've tried, but If I were to pay for them brand new (at 130$), It would be debatable whether they'd be my first choice. Take into account that these probably aren't even burned in yet. It's certainly not an absolutely perfect sound, but it's still engaging, fun, and great for on the go.
 Hello again.  I'm trying to scrounge up some money to pre-order the new Muse album, and so I've been frantically running around searching for things to charge people for. I ran into these earbuds and realized I had absolutely no use for them. And so, I've decided to sell them. I unfortunately ripped the box a bit as I was trying to put the plastic container back inside of it,but aside from that, they're picture perfect. These things are great for the gym, High-up...
Sorry for bumping this ancient post but I'm curious to know, as life has gone on, has anyone else experienced the GT40 yet?    Oh dear lord, apparently you don't need condoms when you have swag. Has anyone else ever seen this guy's pictures? Scroll past all the messages, find the pictures, and weep.
Gaurdian Angel - Covered by a multitude of artists.
The general consensus you'll find is while this community may be a little bit negatively bias towards the brand (and studios in general), what is said about them is generally true: They have muddy, nearly one note bass, lifeless, dreary mids, and dead highs with horrible extension into the upper reaches of the frequency curve. They're generally harsh and dead sounding with and incredibly boxed in sound signature. I mean no offense in this statement at all, but to an...
 Have you actually heard them?
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