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Snapped the MDR-ZX701IP up today! Went to one store, they didn't have one out there and the salesperson seemed really bleh, so drove 14 miles to another one, where they had no any on display either. I asked an employee if they had any in the backroom, and sure enough, they did. When he went to check it's price for me he was surprised at what a discount I was getting! :D Got them for $43 with tax.   So glad I got them. They're oddly very comfortable, which they didn't...
  Thanks, I might get the Audio Technica's. One more question, if you guys don't mind, what about the MEElectronics M6? How well will it stack up to the previously mentioned headphones? More specifically the ATH T200's p
Thanks guys, but I dunno. I looked at reviews of the Superlux and it didn't seem comfortable, and people didn't seem to favor the Koss's sound, calling it 'hollow'. If there's one thing I hate in this world about headphones, it's that.  The MEElectronics didnn't look too bad, but I don't do well with on-ear's in terms of comfort.  Lemme reword what I want and get my priorities in order I want the most comfortable headphones that still sounds good, up to...
My headphones broke, so I need new ones!   I'm looking for something that'll be good with movies and the sort. I will also be using it to listen to music, all kinds, from George Barnett to Skrilly and everything in between. Ska, punk, psychobilly, jazz, dubstep, dixieland, celtic punk, indie. I listen to lots of things. Not electronic though. The only electronic I like is dubstep.  However, I'd prefer them to have smooth-ish highs, I don't do well with highs. Not...
I have a pair of Skullcandy Ink'd, and for $9 they actually aren't that bad. I could probably find myself some better deals, but seriously, they're not that bad. Plus they look good, and they're pink.
I saw a guy wearing Portapro's when I went longboarding in Monterey. 
I'm not going to go guys, no money. 
Ye, but she won't be interested, not even the slightest bit. 
Woah. I haven't checked on this thing since September of 2011, and 20 pages is kind of a lot of stuff to go through. I looked at the 1st page, so if I happened to go, I'm good on what's happening right? Or should I just go through all 20 pages? Is there anything I should be concerned about? It's a super slim chance that I might go, but there's a tiny possibility.  (Mostly because I live in Santa Cruz, which is like an hour away, and since my mom would be taking me, she'd...
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