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For people getting faster battery loss using e5. Why not connect phone via bluetooth?
.When it was first on creatives website it said it was a battery and charged both iPhone and android. Maybe they had issues and changed it.
I have some questions if anyone can answer. I just ordered this and will be using it on a iphone 6. Many people keep talking about charging issues and the phone going into charge mode. This device is suppose to charge the phone. Is it not doing that? Or am I missing what you guys are talking about?
Why should I have gone for the premium? Since you never heard them, are you aware they are the same driver? And are virtually identical.
Def not clipping the Vali. And no not very loud, not even a little loud. The volume knob is only 25% up. The bass for the first 30 min was completely unbearable. And I am not talking about big boomy techno bass. I am talking about anything below a mid in a rock/pop or any type of song made them get ungodly muddy.  It seems to have gotten much better, I am not sure what the issue was. They don't sound as good as the Q701, but they are more comfortable. I will probably end...
Are there fakes of these? I ordered they 880 pros 250ohm. Plug them into my vali, at first they sound ok then I notice on certain low notes they get obscenely muddy and ****ty, like so bad I wanted to throw them away. I let them play for a while and the sound started to improve, do they need an extended break in period?
In 250ohm there are two different headphones. The Pro and the Premium. I was asking if there was a difference between them
Which 880s? Premium or Pro? And what is the difference between the two?
The problem is modding them is going to kill their value if I want to sell them. I have people that want to buy them now.I am looking toward maybe the k550. I do love grado sound but I don't think I can get anything for under 300 since I already have the s80i
By stress I mean physical pain. Using them longer than 30 min gives me headaches. I do like the sound of them, But I don't know how I feel about having to do mods on them. I kind of feel hate towards their design because of the headband bumps.
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