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I have a set of Focal Chorus 814v tower speakers. They are piano black in color. In great shape. Work perfectly. They originally retailed at around 1599.99 for the pair. (799.99 each) I am located in North east Pennsylvania and would not want to ship these. So local pickup only, or we could meet at a reasonable distance. They are a great sounding speaker. The Chorus 814V examines the 2-and-a-half way formula in a high-end configuration, with two 6 1/2" woofers working...
So with the best in the verse cable I would have to solder the hifiman ends on? Because they don't sell the cable with hifiman ends already installed according to their website.
Headphone side broke. Smc style connector. I am trying to see if it is currently covered or not under warranty.
My hifiman cable is broken. Keeps separating at the connector. Is there a quality cable for a reasonable price that has better durability?
I don't think it is hard to believe that USB cable with better shielding makes a difference. But in most cases it is in fact impossible.USB is digital. The signal is either there or it isn't there. If you are getting drop outs and artifacts maybe change the cable. Otherwise there would be no difference at all, since it is impossible.
Not really interested in the Denon. I would say more interest in either higher models of beyerdynamic or grado. or something along those lines.
Well i guess right now mainly interested in headphones only. I just bought a new amp so I should be ok there for a while.
Yea should be a big difference between those and mine. I have Surface Pro 2 256GB i5 8GB ram with type cover(which has extended battery)   The cheaper ones will all only have 4GB of ram.
I have a surface pro 2 tablet for trade. But would need more value than just those headphones for trade do you have anything else to add to a trade?
Is there a certain time the new mystery bag deals start each month? or are they just random?
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