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I recently gave this thing a shot:   And totally missed the minimum weight requirements which the LCD2 are just over. It's exactly the kind of the thing I was looking for but it fell off after a couple of days and the fall could have damn near broke my headphones(put a little chip in the wooden earpiece).   It seems like the 3M tape they use is pretty...
Just got the LCD-2's in the mail today.   Weight difference is negligible, they actually feel a bit lighter than the HE-400's since there's more clamp and they're more comfortable all around imo.   Haven't had time for an extended listening sesh yet but I don't think it's gonna be a problem.
I've been debating making the jump from the HE-400 to the LCD 2 since the connector on one of the ear pieces is going out.   Unfortunately there's nowhere around here where I could give the LCD 2 a go but I know they weigh a bit more. Numbers wise it seems like not that much more, but is it a noticeable difference?    I've got extra padding on my HE-400's headband and custom J$ leather pads, absolutely no comfort issues with it whatsoever no matter how long I wear it....
I think I'm just gonna say **** it and get the LCD-2.   Wish there was somewhere I can try it though so I can see if it's too heavy or something. Doesn't weigh that much more than HE-400 so I imagine I'll be fine.
So the left headphone on my HE-400 is starting to cut in and out, I see that the problem is that the connector has somehow gotten pushed in. It's probably fixable somehow but in True American Spirit I have decided that my best option is to get a new pair. The thing is I really like the way these sound and I still want that planar magnetic bass. But it's hard to find anything that matches that flat and steady bass that goes all the way to the subsonic frequencies without...
 It's not just for streaming. It's an OS that is meant for playing games off of it natively. They talk about it having performance advantages, streaming it off a machine running Windows would get rid of those advantages.
 So basically if you want to play games from the Steam OS, but still have access to Windows games you'll need two gaming PCs. I can see it being useful for a streaming device but as it's own OS to run games natively, this doesn't seem like a good idea. Way too many Windows only games.
 Not at all. It's just a ratio of file size to time. It's always going to be lower if the file is compressed because the file size is smaller. In an uncompressed file it is the product of sample rate, channels and bit depth. So for a CD quality file it is 44.1kHz * 2 * 16 = 1411kbps. But when the file is compressed using lossless compression it makes bitrate a meaningless number in regards to audio quality. 
If they were from the same source, yeah compression settings on FLAC have no effect on audio quality. 1 and 8 sound the same, they have identical playback. But like xnor said who knows where the one you downloaded has been.
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