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 It's not just for streaming. It's an OS that is meant for playing games off of it natively. They talk about it having performance advantages, streaming it off a machine running Windows would get rid of those advantages.
 So basically if you want to play games from the Steam OS, but still have access to Windows games you'll need two gaming PCs. I can see it being useful for a streaming device but as it's own OS to run games natively, this doesn't seem like a good idea. Way too many Windows only games.
 Not at all. It's just a ratio of file size to time. It's always going to be lower if the file is compressed because the file size is smaller. In an uncompressed file it is the product of sample rate, channels and bit depth. So for a CD quality file it is 44.1kHz * 2 * 16 = 1411kbps. But when the file is compressed using lossless compression it makes bitrate a meaningless number in regards to audio quality. 
If they were from the same source, yeah compression settings on FLAC have no effect on audio quality. 1 and 8 sound the same, they have identical playback. But like xnor said who knows where the one you downloaded has been.
The entire point of FLAC is so you can compress the file without losing fidelity. Compression only effects encode/decode speed. The decode time is extremely small regardless of compression so it's negligible, and the encoding is a one time thing.
That is true, I hadn't considered that. I'd imagine it would make using an h-shifter especially hard. But I'm a noob who normally either sticks to automatic or uses paddle shifters so it's all good here. 
For some reason I couldn't get into Raceroom. I just didn't like the feel of it. PCARs looks good and I can't wait until that comes out.   Anyone else here plan to get the Oculus Rift when that comes out? I can imagine it bringing sim racers to a whole new level, being able to freely look around while driving is going to be awesome.
It is definitely still worth having a nice setup if you have all MP3 files, given they are legitimate files. MP3 and AAC are both great at high bitrates.   As for where to get lossless files, I think your best bet is to check the artists website. If they have them available their site will most likely point you to them. I always buy the CD if I can though.   I don't know what you mean by "Will changing the bit of an mp3 in itunes improve the sound?", but you can't improve...
It will just make the file bigger.   The only way to get lossless sound quality is to have the lossless files in the first place.
I have the Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS V2 wheel myself, as well as the CSR elite pedals plus the inversion kit. It's a nice wheel and the pedals are really nice. Inversion kit is a bit expensive for what it is(just some metal pieces) but it's worth it IMO.   The brake on the CSR elite pedals is quite nice, it's like a real brake where the majority of braking is done using foot pressure rather than just moving it a certain distance.
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