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wow great article a lot of manhour of job put into this,though i guess  its been a fun ride thansk alot ,epic thread
using my Aasgard  with a hegel hd 11 dac (a norwegian digital analog converter) very nice i do however have to admit that i havent really heard any other amps besides the burson  soloist  i do however love these ,theres  a warm and lushy  nice sound when pairing it  with my sennheiser hd 598
what about the schiit Aasgad? i know the v2 is about 50 dollar over ur budgett but theyre pretty easy to find used
I am very curious on these, these are just astetichally very nice i would almost love to own these based just on how great these look and the build quality these are probably very near the top of my list of  which headphones to get next
yeah the braided cable  looks great these were actually my first pair of better headphones that i bought for myself great soundstage,just love these,love  the color and the nice retro look great worth of money   her is a link to an ad from the  "for sale"  section  in one of norways two most premiere hifi forum hes asking 2500 norwegian kroner wich amounts to about  423 us dollars if your interested if  u want i can  gladly translate  the ad for you if you want send me a pm here  if u  need  help translate peace
i also just bought one of these babys from ebay(ithink its the same,mine has  little bear on the glass display) anyway i just thought it would be fun to see what u can get for around 35 dollar never had a tbe amp before so i have nothing to reference it to, and my other 2 amps are solid state also boughta cheap china dac (muse  with usb toslink and coax) ill set this up on my desktop and use it with my pc i think anyway will put out my thoughts when i have...
Thanks guys for the  replys i am  as mentioned a bit curious  hearing the higher ends sennheisers, i havent really listen to either  the 650 or the 700 or the 800 im actually very curious about specifacly the 650 and the 800 also very interesting about the grados , and u definetly right its a criminal price here in europe (norway) a set of 325i is around 600 us dollar its alot better priced on amazoon for instance ,even  with tax etc anyway time to listen to...
Im also "New" to this forum , been lurking for quite  while,and since i have a summer vacation  i thought i finally make a post im working in the IT department and are living in a nice house with my girlfriend and my miniatureschnauzer  in a little  city in  a little country  called Norway im fairly new too headfi ,im  in love with music in almost all forms i love tech stuff, computers ,hifi audio/home entertainment stuff and all things electronic i own the...
im also looking for a headphone for rock and metal i will  get the grado 325 i on borrow fro a friend tomorrow (he also has the rs2 grado ) i will see if i cant try them out also since ive heard grado is  specifically great for this music category i am so looking forward to checking these out
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