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I wish rin choi had done the surgery and posted some measurements.
Mad Lust Envy,Indeed i agree,ihave a modded (no resistor) and a stock(loaner from a friend) it does sound different on the microstreamer which presents a very low impedance to the hp.Not saying isbetter but different.
When i tried the ma900 out of a macbook it sounded the same as out of a microstreamer ,my receiver and diy dac,after ibypassed the impedance network i could finally hear the difference between sources,amps.
Pm sent!
I upgraded as far as i could take it without changing internal components. Some fading on lettering . The MKIII is a selectable OTL or  transformer output amplifier that pairs nicely with high impedance phones and most low impedance through the transformer. Installed is a NOS 1958 5751 Triple mica ,black plates,D getter sylvania/branded united electron ,bought new in box used for about 150 hours,amazing ,low distortion clear and powerfull,just in another league...
Nice set of hd650,bought it from another headfier about a year ago, Small nick (1mm x 2mm) .Pictured Headband has small paint chipping .Pictured.I only noticed when taking the pictures. Does not affect the sound. Comes with box,adapter,and a custom silver cable(way nicer than original cable for micro details). Thanks for looking.
Thanks for the link,yes esl are not known for their bass impact,my logans are pretty weak in that regard having to use regular transducers.
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