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Thanks! Will check them out today!👍
Great suggestions all around . Looking for powerfull vocals ,jorn/dio/johansson but with less compression ,more of a raw presentation. Any good suggestions?
Bought mine from the sale at amazon. Glued pads, woox headband,dark pads. It sounds great!comparing it to a modded he400 ,hd595 and hd650.Macbook pro-amarra/tidal-hrt microstreamer,gustard h10. Fun headphone.Impressions very much inline with tyll at innerfidelity. Will get another pair as a gift.Very forgiving hps in my opinion.
Pm sent
I wish rin choi had done the surgery and posted some measurements.
Mad Lust Envy,Indeed i agree,ihave a modded (no resistor) and a stock(loaner from a friend) it does sound different on the microstreamer which presents a very low impedance to the hp.Not saying isbetter but different.
When i tried the ma900 out of a macbook it sounded the same as out of a microstreamer ,my receiver and diy dac,after ibypassed the impedance network i could finally hear the difference between sources,amps.
Pm sent!
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