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Hey All,   Sorry, been rather busy as you can imagine this week. I asked the manufacturer to start shipping units to backers as soon as they're ready to go, it looks like we're actually quite a bit ahead of schedule.    I haven't received tracking info for each individual unit yet, but I'll be uploading as soon as I get the batch tracking sheet. Feel free to reach out with any questions.   I have two particular things on my to-do list that I hope to accomplish very...
We're still looking at mid-late April unless something changes. The bud's not for sale/still in progress, not sure if the market's there for a 2.5mm TRRS earbud since it narrows down the potential audience pool dramatically. I personally love earbuds since they're quick to put in, comfortable for a long time and easy to remove and the sound quality's pretty good, but it's also a bit pricey. 
Not that you guys needs more pictures in low quality, but a sample unit just landed for me to give a listen to. Balanced out is a real treat and I'm in the process of going through songs I know.   I think a couple people asked and believe it was addressed, but just to clarify - yes, everyone that participated in the campaign will receive a case with the order.
Quick update, funds are starting to be released and everything looks in order. The manufacturer is ready to get cranking as soon as they receive payment, so we should be beginning the process of creating the batch very shortly.   Current estimated ship time holds solid at mid-late April.
I actually just flew back from China this past weekend, so definitely a little bit jet lagged. Made it without getting trampled in the crowds, so I think I can call the trip a success! As far as I know, we're still 100% on track for the April manufacturing timeline, will keep you guys updated with happenings as soon as I hear about them.
I thought I'd let those with review units speak since their word means much more than mine as an interested party. Project is alive and well, timeline looks solid and we're excited to begin manufacturing! I've been fairly quick to respond to all requests, feel free to shoot me a message on Head-Fi or Indiegogo if you have concerns. 
 Is there anything in particular you have against Indiegogo? Currently, the promotional price is only available on their site since it's an easy way to consolidate interest.
On it! It's a question I've put out to the manufacturer, but this being Lunar New Year weekend I'd expect it to take a little while to get a response.
Good to see discussion on the power capabilities of the L3, I'll share a little bit of insight as to the "why" of the situation.   If you let an engineer design and develop a product, they're always going to want best-in-class everything. Unfortunately, real world finances means everything has a cost attached to it. So as not to run wild with pricing (unless you're purposely designing something with no costs barred), you have to come up with a target audience and ask...
Quick numbers for y'all regarding power:   1.2V for 3.5mm, 2.4V for 2.5mm, using a 35 Ohm load.
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