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Dang, glad to read all of the stuff you guys have put up so far! I'm no longer with Massdrop, having started my own thing (http://www.worthyaudio.com/), but wanted to chime in with a behind the scenes look at the Custom Art Ei.XX     As an regular Head-Fi member, I've posted a fair amount of content covering Custom Art products in the past few years - the company always seemed to agree with me in a very favorable way. From Piotr's top-notch communication to his...
My own pair just landed, along with some silicone earplugs. My impressions should mean absolutely nothing to you (and I could be a total shill) since I helped bring the project to life, but if you're a fan of the Shure SE846 lower end sound signature these will hit an incredibly sweet spot with the depth and impact they bring to the table.   
Of course with our telepathic powers, we both prepared answers at the same time. Hooray! I'll condense into one later this afternoon and update the first post.
Alright Guys,   Compiling a question list so far. Some I can answer, more technical ones will be answered by Piotr   --- Q: Looking good! Any hints on when the drop will, you know, drop? A: We're shooting for a sometime-in-September time frame.   Q: How long will the Massdrop offer be available for, and will the manufacturer continue to produce the CIEM after the drop has ended? A: Typical one-week drop. There is the possibility of offering the product again, but...
8/24 reveal: manufacturer unveiling Good job guys. CustomArt it is. Unfortunately, there's a bit of craziness going on at the Massdrop office today (we hired some new people and they started, hooray!) so we're pushing back the AMA until tomorrow.   In the meantime, here's a couple pictures of the first prototype unit to whet the appetite (yes, you'll be able to get them without the Massdrop logo and stuff. This one's just for photography purposes, although I think it...
Oh, this one's an easy one to knock out. Yes, we can add the option if there's interest. I know the balanced cable typically retails for 145 Euro (~$165 USD). We can negotiate rates for that and get it down to a more appealing number, I'd probably look at $100~$110.
With that, we're done with all the feature stuff.   Let's start the Q&A! We'll be revealing the manufacturer on Monday and will be answering any questions you guys may have about the CIEM. Please feel free to start asking them in this thread.   Please use the following format to start your question so we know you are addressing the manufacturer rather than just asking something in general - QUESTION:
Prices, Accessories and Customization Options   At $599 + shipping, the Six is an acrylic custom in-ear monitor available for purchase soon in all countries that Massdrop ships to.   We believe that a core requirement of a custom product is the ability to make it your very own. This principle is reflected in the Six. Choose from a wide array of shell colors, or create a unique custom blend (prices vary). Pair that with the numerous faceplates options and the ability to...
Still the AM on the West Coast. Sound signature posted!
Driver setup released!
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