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I am thinking about getting these. May I ask why you are selling them? I mean what are they lacking as far as use? Thank you.
Are we really close to not needing wires?                               Get free Steam games at I recommend this!
I ran into these at CES 2014 and they look great. Bluetooth is a nice plus and they sounded nice, mind you I was in a loud convention hall. i do not think they are audiophile speakers but i think they would make fine PC speakers. They do have Toslink hookup and they are 4 drivers each and you can run them mono because they are all powered independently. I think for $200.00 they are worth a try.
Why does it matter. I felt I had a contribution, so I made it.
Another cool one I ran across. Carbon Audio pocket Speaker. $99.99 (in Apple retail stores) and has 4 drivers and 2 bass radiators. Can be used in left/right dual speaker mode if you pair two of them.
I have switched to FLAC and ALAC and I have not looked back. The only area that I missed the smaller files is on my iPhone. So I simply went to a 64GB one. This has made all my listening so much more enjoyable. I have 55 albums and it is 19GB total. Everywhere else size does not matter. I am not sure what your day to day is like, but if you need/want durable and stay in your ears, use the Shure's. I have seen the XBA's in the wild and they are not for active listening....
Give this a look. There are videos on You Tube.   Good luck.
i love this one.   Lasts for 8 hours or so per charge. Solid build quality. Size of those 8 fl.oz. mountain Dew cans. Pretty damn load. i found it at CES in Las Vegas and bought it on Amazon. Best price I could find. Also has an AUX in.
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