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I would say you should give cosmic ba2 a try. It is custom but it is within your price range.
1964 is having a give away event, just wish I can participate but no, I am under the Great Firewall of China. Facebook and Twitter  is out of my reach without proxy.
Waiting to hear what you feel about it.
I have just purchase the v6, through communication, It seem like that 1964 will be coming up with new model that is on the bassy side. I am excited and eager to wait for it.   Here is the email record.   Send: To Aleksey Polyakov Thank you so much!, I have receive the headphone just before I leave at 6/27!  I really enjoy the amazing clarity the 1964 v6 was able to to bring. The only comparable clarity I had only hear...
Looking for a Lush, liquid, warm and yet still accurate CIEM, my choose now is between Heir 8A and Unique Melody Merlin. I have already own a JH13 and now I am seeking something warmer and more liquid as alternative. Thank you!
What a nicely written post! This should have get more attention in the forum. After all, we listen to music to enjoy our life.
I suggest UE TF-10, it is a triple armature earphone price at $170 on Amazon right now. Its performance is in $300+ area..
No, get the M50 instead. It has more bass impact compare to AKG.
Same thing hapen to me, both joint fall apart...  
I have the same problem with Turbine Pro... Its joint simply going to fall apart.
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