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This deal is actually pretty good guys, as the used K712s go for $300 on eBay.
Does anyone know where I can still pick up a pair of HD600s for $260 shipped? I'm so upset that I somehow managed to miss every one of those deals when they were listed.
Can you guys repost the link please? For some reason, I keep getting linked to the headphones that say they currently are unavailable.
I just read this post and went to purchase the HD600s and they are already out of stock, just so you guys know.
The HD598 Amazon DOTD is back in stock and not backordered.  You can get it through directly, which states that they are in stock but the order may require an additional 1-2 days of processing.   I'm in for two pairs myself now!
 You pose a very good point my friend.  I guess that reason is why it was a good deal for me, because the X1 has been on my radar again for some time.  There indeed is a difference between desiring a specific deal versus an unexpected impulse buy. Cheers to you  
For those of you on the brinks about the X1, I'm kind of confused on why everyone thinks that the deal is mediocre.  There is only one time that they have been lower than $180 and that is when they were an Amazon DOTD a year ago for $150.  For $30, it was a no-brainer in my opinion, as they are a phenomenal headphone.  We don't know when or even if they will go that low again, as Amazon has fazed out out-dated models in the past without a final clearing deal...   I...
I'm so annoyed that I fell asleep 30 minutes before the Sennheiser DOTD and HD600 sales were released and woke up 30 minutes after they were sold out. Simply put, I guess it just wasn't meant to be...
I really am interested in purchasing the K7XX, but the fact that they will take almost a month to receive is a deal-breaker honestly. The way that this thread bounces deals around during this time of year, my interest in other headphones sway daily, let alone one month out...
This statement may sound crazy, but I am tempted to hold off buying any of the Sennheiser products right now.  In my experience, like last year when the HD650 went down to $275 new, Sennheiser will sometimes release multiple promo codes that can be combined together.  Since this current promo code expires on December 31st, they may release another one that can be combined for a total of 45%, 50%, etc. off?   Is my thinking wrong or should I just buy today?
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