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 I ordered a 3x set too. Could always use sound isolation when out near noisy cars. Now I'm wondering about Spiral Dot though.
The tracking stopped on the DHL site. I tried it on the USPS site and it says it's at my local post office. Unless something weird happens, I should have mine tomorrow morning!
My pair is at New York customs. Hope it's here soon! Bored with my plain earbuds.
How much was the fee and how/where did you pay? I've never had a customs fee before so I don't know.
Yeah DHL Express here too, free shipping. Things always get caught at customs in New York. Hopefully it takes about a week.
Got a shipping email last night at 11:30. The tracking number doesn't work, yet anyway. Anyone know how long they usually take to get to the states?   I'm looking forward to hearing them. I can't believe I've been using these cheap earbuds since October when I bought my phone. They're not bad, but my ears have matured recently and I need something with an actual soundstage and depth. I take the bus a lot and need something to keep me interested while standing around so...
I have a question: Have there been any reports of the FLC8s breaking down on people? Presuming I take care of it and properly amp it, is this something I should worry about? I know it comes with a one year warranty which is great, but I have the option of extending that to 3 years coverage through SquareTrade. Problem is it costs $53.99 which is kind of nuts. I don't think it's worth it but what do you think? Thanks.
 Something like this? Hey, works for Spider-Man and Mario so why not?  
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