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 Wow, what a deal. I almost want to order them just to try out the new treble, since apparently the bass is pretty similar to my pre-fazor. Still though, it'd be stupid considering my 2.2 (December 2011) is working just fine. Also it seems the old LCDs are becoming valued collectables with some people not into the fazors. I guess I'll just wait until these break down and then send them in to hear the new drivers.
 Bamboo looking cheaper was always a reason I appreciated my Rosewood. That Shedua looks nice though Rosewood is still my favorite for the LCD-2.
 Natural is a wonderful word to describe the Rev 2. Why I love them so.  Question: How good does my gear go with the LCD-2.2? It's a Violectric V200 and a REGA Dac. I quite like the analog-like sound but wonder how I could do better. Thoughts of getting a different headphone sometimes turn into thoughts of getting new equipment but I don't know what could improve.
 I ordered a 3x set too. Could always use sound isolation when out near noisy cars. Now I'm wondering about Spiral Dot though.
The tracking stopped on the DHL site. I tried it on the USPS site and it says it's at my local post office. Unless something weird happens, I should have mine tomorrow morning!
My pair is at New York customs. Hope it's here soon! Bored with my plain earbuds.
How much was the fee and how/where did you pay? I've never had a customs fee before so I don't know.
Yeah DHL Express here too, free shipping. Things always get caught at customs in New York. Hopefully it takes about a week.
Got a shipping email last night at 11:30. The tracking number doesn't work, yet anyway. Anyone know how long they usually take to get to the states?   I'm looking forward to hearing them. I can't believe I've been using these cheap earbuds since October when I bought my phone. They're not bad, but my ears have matured recently and I need something with an actual soundstage and depth. I take the bus a lot and need something to keep me interested while standing around so...
New Posts  All Forums: