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   I agree. I believe this is something Audeze should truly look into implementing on their existing models.
 So, out of the Audezes and Staxs, which headphone is the most neutral? Is it the LCD-X?
 I don't get this. What exactly is wrong with original CDs from the '80s? Over on Steve Hoffman, it is generally agreed that the best versions of albums are usually the original releases due to the Loudness War. For Zeppelin and Sabbath, for example, the majority feel the first-issue CD from the '80s are better than all the remastered versions which followed. The originals are lower in volume, though.  Wait, what? Why did you have to pay for their mistake, twice? How long...
 That's great news. Care to elaborate on this? What's the reasoning for less pressure?
 Shhhhhhhh...don't give them any ideas. With all this Audeze praise on Head-Fi (and beyond) they may get smug. I haven't even heard the LCD-X yet and I know they're gonna blow my LCD-2 R.2 away like a bullet. Amazing headphones.
What do you guys think would make for a better sounding combo?   The LCD-X with the V200 and Rega OR the LCD-3F with the Schiit Mjolnir & Gungnir?   Seems like most are saying the LCD-3F is more enjoyable than the X. Am I better off getting an LCD-3F instead and starting off with the affordable Schiit combo?
 Just saw this mentioned and I had to try it out. It's different but quite nice. It makes the sound-stage more cohesive and removes the separation with no loss of quality, at the cost of being more distant and a little lost of volume. Taking it off, you can really hear the separated sound of headphones, a gap, especially in the vocals. I have to get used to this more relaxed sound, but since I can never have the speakers too loud in my apartment anyway, it'll be like...
Thank you very much. I was having the same problem all of a sudden and didn't know what to do! 50 to 400 ms buffer length fixes the problem.
 Does the LCD-3 work better for certain genres or is it just a choice of preference?
 What's going wrong with the LCD-XC? I'm not keeping up to date.
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