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Well, I just want more of that great Audeze sound, but better. I love the warm, vinyl like sound of the LCD-2 on my system and I want to keep that but have it improved. I've read posts of several people saying the v200 paired good with it.
 Same thing here exactly. My LCD-2.2 (purchased December 2011) has been working fine with no issues and are used on average 12 hours a week but sometimes more. I'm very interested in the LCD-X as I know it will sound great with my Violectric V200 but feel I may screw myself selling these if I wind up with a problem and have to wait months for it to return to me. I can't afford both so it's a risk (and what would be the point as the LCD-2 would never be used). Decisions,...
Anyone here own or have listened to both the LCD-2F and LCD-3F? What do you think of Michael Mercer's comments above? He makes it sound like the LCD-2F provides a unique sound while most I've read says it is similar but inferior to the LCD-3F. I'd like to hear some opinions.  
 I'm shocked to read that. I've heard no one say they found the LCD-2f to be more enjoyable than the LCD-3f or LCD-X. I trust his opinion but I have a hard time believing it. Amazing.
 It won't be from me, sadly. If I sell the LCD-2 when I have enough to cover the difference I can get my LCD-X very quickly. I was originally going listen to both to be sure I liked the X but everyone has said the same thing: It's an upgrade in every way. From about 30 comparisons I've read, only 1 person said they prefer the 2. All I know is I still love my 2s even though I can hear their supposed flaws and I want more of the same sound but better. The quicker I have...
 I was thinking the same thing. I only just recently realized my desire to upgrade to the LCD-X because I still enjoy my LCD 2.2. Hearing this news makes me want to get to it sooner than later.
   I agree. I believe this is something Audeze should truly look into implementing on their existing models.
 So, out of the Audezes and Staxs, which headphone is the most neutral? Is it the LCD-X?
 I don't get this. What exactly is wrong with original CDs from the '80s? Over on Steve Hoffman, it is generally agreed that the best versions of albums are usually the original releases due to the Loudness War. For Zeppelin and Sabbath, for example, the majority feel the first-issue CD from the '80s are better than all the remastered versions which followed. The originals are lower in volume, though.  Wait, what? Why did you have to pay for their mistake, twice? How long...
 That's great news. Care to elaborate on this? What's the reasoning for less pressure?
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