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Thanks for the input. :) I think I'm going to go for the ckm500's 
I listen to a variety of music: acoustic, rock, electronic, dubstep, classical, and I'm trying to choose between the cks77 and the ckm500. Which one would you recommend? Also, are they equal in comfort? 
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm looking into the ckm500's and the cks77's right now, and they both look great. 
Hi, I'm looking for IEMs with good isolation and preferably around $50, but I'm willing to spend up to $100, no more than that though.  I've had the Nuforce ne700x for awhile, but they broke recently, so I'm looking for a new pair. I really liked them, but they've broken the same way about 3 times already...even though I've been careful with them. I usually have problems with the plug, so I'd like earphones that are sturdy or have a tough/rugged cord. As for the...
Hey guys,  My sister is looking for a cheap-ish pair of iems that are good for working out. (They need to be able to stay in place and have decent sound quality too) Price range is sub-$50 I searched through some other threads, but most of them only listed iems that were too expensive --;; I saw Meelec M6 mentioned with good reviews, but I would like to see if there are any better options or other opinions on the M6. Thanks.
Thanks for the suggestion, but they seem a bit too large/bulky. I'd like a lightweight pair of portables.     Thanks for replying, but I'm not looking for IEMs at the moment. I'm looking for some good OE or AE portables, but I'll check these out when i'm in need of a pair of IEMs. :)  
Hi, I've been looking to get a nice pair of headphones within a price range of $50-$120. I listen to mostly rock/alternative music. I'd like a pair of headphones with decent isolation(no open designs..), comfort, and sound. They need to be pretty sturdy too..  I like bass, but i'd like to avoid too much. I was looking into the akg k518 le because i saw good reviews on it and it looks pretty good. I'm also a bit interested in the Bose AE2 but they don't seem very...
still looking for more opinions/suggestions~ oh, I'm also a bit concerned about durability. Are the Nuforce ne-700x and Brainwavz M2 durable? My previous earbuds have all died due to problems near the jack, so I'd like a pair of earbuds with a cable made to last.. I saw the Jbuds J4 on amazon and they seemed pretty tough. Does anyone have experience with those? The reviews on amazon contradict each other.. some say that they're super durable and others say they...
Thanks for the advice. I listen to a variety of music, but I guess my preferences lean more towards rock/alternative type of music.  Would the ne-700x and M2 be decent for rock/alternative? I took a look at the M3, but I'm worried that the design may be a little uncomfortable because of the little "arm" things on the earbuds. Any other suggestions? 
Hi, i'm looking for a new pair of earphones. I've only owned cheap skullcandy and sony earphones in the past, so almost anything would be a step up.  After skimming through the forums a little, I narrowed down my choices to Nuforce ne-700x or Brainwavz m2. (they're both in my price range and have good reviews. I need help choosing between the two, but I'm open to other suggestions. (I'd prefer not to spend more than $100.)
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