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What tips are best for the IM50?
Does the EQ work on Pandora?
I might have stated it wrong but I tested a song out with my other headphones and then the IM50. There was definitely a greater bass boom on my other headphones than the IM50. Perhaps it is just my phone because I tested the IM50 on my computer with an increased sound system and it was amazing! Does anyone know how to improve the sound settings on the iPhone if that is even possible?
The ATH-IM50 weren't very impressive in my opinion. Nothing stood out to me and I was not hearing all the bass hits I would like to. Any suggestions?
Should I use the foam tips that came with the IM 50 they aren't that great.. Also I am unsure whether the wide tips or the tips that are curved into a small hole is better. 
So confused... I just got the IM-50 in the mail today and gave it a test. Was not so amazed with the sound. These headphones sounded like every other cheap ones I have tried. The bass is weak and barely gives a strong punch. Very disappointed. 
Ahh, my apologies! I understand. :)
Hey Joker, do you mind reviewing the ATH-IM50 and the IM70? Thanks!
Bore wide tips were recommended and not the tips that curve into a small hole. 
cdJapan is selling them for $50 and from what I've heard the IM70 isn't worth the extra 50. 
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