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Should I use the foam tips that came with the IM 50 they aren't that great.. Also I am unsure whether the wide tips or the tips that are curved into a small hole is better. 
So confused... I just got the IM-50 in the mail today and gave it a test. Was not so amazed with the sound. These headphones sounded like every other cheap ones I have tried. The bass is weak and barely gives a strong punch. Very disappointed. 
Ahh, my apologies! I understand. :)
Hey Joker, do you mind reviewing the ATH-IM50 and the IM70? Thanks!
Bore wide tips were recommended and not the tips that curve into a small hole. 
cdJapan is selling them for $50 and from what I've heard the IM70 isn't worth the extra 50. 
Alright I've decided to take a leap of faith and purchase the ATH-IM50, thanks for your inputs. 
I don't have any large IEMs, if I do end up purchasing the IM50 they will be the first IEM that goes up on my ears. I usually wear my IEM down so I am kind of nervous. 
I have quite small ears and I've heard IM50 are really big, would this be a problem?
Amazon is currently selling the IM50 for around 65 but cdJapan is only selling it for $50. What are your opinions on the Sony MHC1, CKM500, or any IEMs that have amazing bass qualities compared to the IM50? There are so many IEMs that have such great reviews I am a bit overwhelmed haha. I've been reading posts and threads all day and I am still inconclusive on my decision. Would be great if you could give me your personal opinions for the IEMS that could possible be better...
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