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Seems like some people got you confused. Sibilance do sounds like a snake's hiss, for an e.g.; an emphasized 's' sound when the vocal says anything with an 's'. However hiss in audio is not sibilance. While not exactly the same, a hiss is somewhat similar to a pink noise(you can google for one); and is a background noise i.e. something that 'plays' all the time, when there really shouldn't be any.
Bass Off: Choose this and I get no bass? :lol: @scrypt Nice point. I stand corrected.
My vote goes to E. ...or this:
I didn't read all the posts at the X3's thread, so I might have missed a couple of updates. That said, AFAIK E5, E6, E7 and X3 all uses the same amp, but w/ different implementation which results in different SQ, notably in E6 where it manages to beat E7's amp. Whether E6 is a good pair w/ X3 will depend on how X3 turns out but IMO, an amp to be paired w/ X3 should be something better than the E6. (For example, the E11 or E17) Just me 2 cents.
That might have not been your intention, but you(and Mike) have successfully increased my interest (and the urge to buy). Dang, this is making E10 harder to pass while waiting for E17..Also, thanks for the update.
Looks great! p/s: Finally, the hold button. What I wish the E7 would use instead of long pressing menu button.
Glad to hear it's going fine. Btw, the rear panel view of E10 would be nice.
+1 I can't decide between silver n white. Both looks cool to me.
How about this? (Credit to c61746961 for original file) I prefer the button layout in the picture; it's just that I wonder what is the top left, pause look-alike button? The menu button? The angled edge could be better off being flat; unless there's a plan to bundle it with a silicon cover that makes the overall surface flat when the cover is used. Just my 2 cents.
Love the looks. Better if the sides are plain brushed metal as well. Btw, the line out uses 3.5mm TRS or RCA? Also, is the price close to the E11?
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