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I was hoping ATs CES offerings would be found hear lol. I wanna try these, as well as some of their new IEMs
Of course a "good" microSD card is always gonna work. My point is that it's short sighted to remove internal storage just because. It usually take the absolutr best of microSD cards to match that "pricey" internal storage. On threes kind of devices that speed make a difference at the OS level especially. Doesn't help that the specialized players tend to get botched or gimped in one form or another as is. The last thing any of us need is some as schumpert as internal tanner...
Transfer and access speeds. Those huge lossless files aren't just magically summoned and read from the nether realm you know. And I hope the other guy isn't serious about streaming............
^ I picked that up a while back. It is simply too tame for my tastes. Perhaps a grower of I give it time.
YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I'm seeing them when they come to Baltimore Next year.
Sheesh, all these IM50 lovers here. I in love with my IM70s however I'm gonna need some new cables soon. Hows the market for custom cables for these beasts?
So how are them replacement cables coming? Whats come out since launch?
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