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^ I picked that up a while back. It is simply too tame for my tastes. Perhaps a grower of I give it time.
YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I'm seeing them when they come to Baltimore Next year.
Sheesh, all these IM50 lovers here. I in love with my IM70s however I'm gonna need some new cables soon. Hows the market for custom cables for these beasts?
So how are them replacement cables coming? Whats come out since launch?
I'm committing to one of these. Just beautiful
              And look what was siting out Early at the record shop   
To be 100%, most of what goes on in most of these threads is either misconception of the inner workings, "fights" over the greyer areas, and even as seen here people not even knowing squat about the very thing they are gushing over (other than it sounds good :/ ). I mean even the article posted (again) a few pages back on DSD just shows how obtuse this audio thing can be
New Posts  All Forums: