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Just this one..... for now.
WHAT!? Watershed was amazing, and my personal favorite. Ghostly Reveries to me just went on tooooooo long in a few places. After the first two songs, I just have to be in the mood for that album. Heritage was neat though. We'll have to see how Pale Communion plays out though.   Opeth for me is like being in the middle of a candy store. I wanna hear one thing then I remember their other work and it goes on in a vicious circle 
My main group of friends are... lame ,  so I can't keep Jack around them. The awesome people who like that stuff are all gone. I'm the only real man around these days :P
I'll have to try some next time I get away
While I don't usually pay as much attention to anime as I'd like to, I recently started watching Code Geass season 1, and OMG that show has got me on a leash. the first episode was interesting in itself but from the second episode through the 5th (I limit myself while at home for the moment) I am being dragged along for a ride with twists and whatnot at every turn that leave me wanting more! If I was at my place I would honestly sit through both seasons at...
 + or   otherwise I likes a good ol' fasioned  
lol. How on earth does that happen
If anything the ones who've suffered any performance issues due to the SD card probable went for the cheapest no-name card they could find........ or were silly enough to allow bad luck of the draw steer them the wrong way :pwhat is the draw for SD cards. can't be anymore than build in storage of said choice I'd imagine. Probable negligible compared to amp stage.
I heard it the other day. I nice solid progression from the EP (which was love at first listen for me) I can't wait to see what they have in store for the full release.
lil. I like the band. And seriously can't help but feel a lot of the aggression towad Zach is atrisiously misplaced. Following the conversation on AMG it's clear he's only has so much power in this situation, and even mentions how the final master wasn't even favorable in his eyes (not only in Fallujah's case but other projects he'd worked on)IDK. It just feels wrong man
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