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Yes to the above. Full bodied tagging please
I only found out about the concert literally 3 days before they came to NY and had to miss it due to travel. Literally every band I'm having a hay day with together and I couldn't be there 
OOw anonther ESTK follower!
Well the quad-core CPU is already in there so that's one strike for you sir. (unless I'm mixing up my incoming DAP threads  did you even read the OP/last few pages?)Same with dual micro SD so that's 2. one more and you're out 
Tis all we can hope
You had me at 5000mAh battery, but a quad-core you say. Finally someone who want to make a player powerful enough to actually play all them complex formats, and perform at that! Can't wait to see how this unfolds
Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Earphones Fit, form and frequency + voice capability Answer your calls and get crisp, detailed sound with the precision-crafted Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Headset. The advanced armature speaker design creates a 3D soundstage that makes you feel like you're at a live show. And the on-cord controls with integrated microphone let you answer calls, adjust volume, and change music tracks with incredible ease....
So wait........... They revised the 900, and then proceeded to mix up the parts for the old and new models?............................   Well, by time I do pull the trigger on these hopefully they will have gotten their stuff together. And hears still dreaming that Jerry will take back what he started and set UE on proper course.
Technically they tend to be a bit faster and generally less expensive than microSD. Personally I don't mind. I haven't had the horror stories happen to me that others here seem to have suffered through.......
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