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Favorite lines from Vitory Gundam so far: "What's wrong with your boob?" "He bit it" Uso certainly has a thing for them older galls And as a side, I think I sort of 'get' G Reco
lol. forgot about the high-res part. For shame 
If it's using a modern version of android USB audio is baked into the OS by default. Plus if it can support and external hdd already than it is only a patch away from being able to do it. I'd say chances are pretty good then.
No  rararararaaaah
Besides the internal storage..... (:
I'm sure these guys have been brought up before but who cares   
The m50's were definitely good for mixing.  Wonder how much of and improvement the m70x is? Tbh II'm far more interested in them oped backs :p
Almost forgot about this. Saw a promotion on one of their facebook pages (I think Obscura since I was recently looking into what they've got planed)
Will look into those. There is definitely a bit more life and clarity to the left now without the filter so it was certainly the culprit. Completely waxed over underneath. I would go filterless but I don't trust I can keep them earwax free, and would like to avoid too much tamperingg so I will definitely be looking into the RE0 filters
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