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lol must be
Some crazy voodoo just happened. I spin Måsstaden quite religiously but tonight something weird happened at the end of the CD. The Lone Deranger usually builds to a sudden halt, but tonight it had a proper ending :? Same CD player same CD. Heck, the rip sitting on my hard drive of said CD even has that abrupt ending, always had. This is the first time ever I've heard this part. I'm freaked out right now !_! The Same CD, CD PLAYER AND CD DRIVE. Different listening...
Loads pretty snappily for me.  
Lol. How could I forget Origin. I'v been jammin Omnipresent since I picked it up Christmas ooow I have my work cut out for me. All them bands :] this gonna be good
Obscura, Nechrophagist, Fallujah (if one can count them, Dawn of Dementia (just a few, I'v recently entered into a tech-death phase it seems  )   It's definitely good, and part of my brain knows it, which is why I get the urge to listen to the albums. It's just not as........... chaotic? ~raw?? it seems a bit tame??? in comparison to the other bands I've mentioned I really have only scratched the surface of this latest craze, but this is one band that sticks out in a way I...
    So, Beyond Creation. I've been trying to get into these guys, and to be perfectly honest, it's weird. The music is intriguing at best, but not as, engaging as others?   It's literally the first time I can say 'I want to be into this band' but I just can't for some reason.
 Holy MOses.
Wel, Ran across a fb post about this band. Their name is in decipherable, as well as their album tile.... and track titles BUT the music is BRUTAL!   I present to you, Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum     They have a debut album coming out soon, and I fully plan on getting it, despite all the fun we poked at the name last night 
Personally I've always been a full album goer. From the grade school days to now, and I don't see it changing. An album is a work of art. It portrays the current goals and stream of thought of the artist, creating a certain cohesion which is lost with the 'track by track' thing going on in mass society.   I will say this however. It was only recently that I started creating que lists of songs I've been itching to hear recently, though in large I still love hearing entire...
Ascariasis: Ocean Of Colour   Dying Humanity: Living On The Razors's Edge As a side. I noticed this supposed to be a full album yes only 2 songs are available for download. My messege the band seeing as to how I stumbled upon those songs and was drawn in quite esily.   Dawn of Dementia: Residuum   ONAN: Hell Is Other People   And Some Singles;   The Afterimage: O N I X   Ascariasis: Gideon
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