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A little extra work to the circuitry on a multi-hundred dollar player isn't asking too much in this range I'd say.
Just as a personal preference.
Yes because people who care about sound automatically don't care about anything else......
  My favorite dream rockers, And repin' the hometown! what up!!
The best of the best DACs will get curbstomped by a subpar amp...... if a pure stack is what some are going for perhaps we shoul find a better way of reaching out to someone for a simple transport.
So it's been 2 weeks since I chnaged the tips on my IM70 to the silicone tips from my UE600 and OMG! Unlike the colpy foams and the stock tips these thing stay in place and open up the sound a lot. Funny thing though, someone mentioned using the ue900 tips as a step up earier on [months ago when I got the darn things ] and never made the connection, and was about to pull the trigger on some sony hybrids 3 times since then (To be fair I was trying to sell the UE600 at...
Too bad. That's not what they feel
Didn't realize you were the only one in the DAP market that mattered.........
The people who make these things know the price on the possible components (among other things before people get hung up on that example) and what they are aiming to make which is why they set a general price range before hand (and nothing more, You know they have more specifics in mind than they divulge at first. plus testing the waters a little too) 
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