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Something else that piques my interests? Hmmmm.
Exactly. Someone had asked about DXD and started a conversation that was deemed 'off topic', Them James comes and says it does apply. just had a lol moment I'm afraid
lol. Lets hope so. That was so good
lol. I hough certain admins deemed such as off topic. Yet heres the creator nullifying suc. Glory when admins are wrong (sorry could not resist  ) This is good, more formats
DIdn't he mention not too far back how they were not going make a separate remote, but rather do it through and app-like method? connecting a smartphone or the like through bluetooth for the functionality pretty sure they did. (I'm too lazy to look. This thread's been cruising since I last peaked)
Been fiending for some more crazy tech-death. Finally spending some quality time with Obscura's stuff and Necrophagist and am in love. Beyond Creation just doesn't quite cut it at the moment. It's just not as..... raw? as Retribution or even Cosmogenesis.    Also digging some neo-classical.  
If I have $1200 I would. Still not what I'm looking for
                This'll do for now  
Ooow. Not quite what I was expecting. NEAT!
Just the tip of the iceberg, but you know you're bad at Christmas shopping when half the stuff you pick up is for yourself.        shh. I gave them to my sister and told her to wrap them up so I can act surprised Christmas morning.   P.S. : all h e l l will be unleashed the day after when I make my way up to the Sound Garden.     another one for the books: 
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