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Ordered these last night. Need to listen to my music (can't do that with the grandmother around the way. She'll cry devils music if I used my open-backs  )   I've always wanted these and they will be my first venture into BAs since I chickened out at the order page between the IM70 and IM02   
Darn it. I knew better than to read about these. I'm already Behind in aquisitions and this is rsadsike another one for the ol' list.
OO More goodies I see. I've been eyeballing the Plenue line since it started, and here's hoping they can finally iron enough of the kink they ran into the first few times enough to really tempt me. (sadly that may be hoping too much considering the processor listed. Dual core ARM cortex mean value chip-set that shouldn't even be allowed as an option unless you're targeting low income/third world locals just developing, meaning it probably wont even do proper gapless...
No, bass wasn't a selling point. Trying to work myself away from the stuff The energy the Dynamic drivers exude will work better for my music. And when I read they apperantly wont actually be sold in the States I was determined. I wanted them since the other thread was started on them, but still just havent gonten myself any BAs. Oh well.
Well, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the IM70 (more like forced since my SE215s were attacked by a black hole ) But I don't know. Probably should have went all in on the IM02. Better yet I'll snag them later maybe? [Been dying to get my ears around some BAs and get cold feet at the last second, how silly of me ]
Well considering it had SEEMED as thought the pre-ordering was supposed to be hometown period until one of our ranks decided to say something (after we practically held a nuke to their face, bending it away from their vision), I'm personally not surprised.
Thank you. It would be nice if these HCore people would get that and stop trying to turn every single new DAP into the same thing. This is meant for people who want a POCKETABLE PORTABLE all in one solution, NOT you transportabearing hardcores...... sheesh. Besides this is practically Calyx's baby. Dam right they are gonna get blunt and mad that you guys keep trying and prying to turn the M into something it simply wasn't conceived to be in the first place. Criticism,...
Was so STOKED to get a delivery confirmation earlier that my pre-order arived. Away With Words doesn't release till next week :D And I got mine
If I read correctly the title of this thread this thing was projected to be $999 to begin with. In it's pre production run, coming STRAIT FRO THE HOMELAND why is it surprising that this thing is more expensive for international preorders? Of which are limited run to begin with!?!   IMB yall should be glad they decided to do a pre order outside of the homeland to begin with instead of being nit picky. I wish I could snag this deal myself at the moment but sadly between a...
shut-up  I'll take me one of each of those thing-a-ma-bobs pictured above though (gonna be a bi&#H saving up for around a PC build, Will be joining the party way past midnight  )
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