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Look you. Software and hardware are 2 different things. Also just because it isn't some retardently striped down device like ALL OF YOUR OTHER OPTIONS doesn't make it any less capable.  Besides that piece of junk you seem insistent on picturing isn't exactly a on trick pony yet has a following here of all places......./. 
Meh. It'll be long and far in the future. It was an idea meant for another time and place.
I don't know if I'd call that an upgrade rather than a whole different playing field and target. Maybe a side derivative?
I really wish they would create an updated, higher specd version of this thing
Ooo More Sony goodies! I'm am watching you
Double post
So we have people who are slaves to calories and those who burp up anything that's heavyish. For shame In other news, IPAs are growing on me.
Love it when pre-orders arrive early, and I just put in the order last Friday     
Good for you. Now go back to your corner. This DAP is already destined to have more than you 'feel' should be in a DAP
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