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I found out the uDac I was given was v1. For the price of free, it beats the on-board sound card right?    
Does it seem that external DAC / amp manufacturers are charging outrageous prices then given the price of the components?    
  Maybe ask someone to help you out with a blind test first.    
My friend gifted me a NuForce uDac v1. Not a high-end device I realise.   I have tried it with 320 mp3s with my Monster Turbine Golds.   I 'think' it is more rounded / full-bodied / less tin-y compared to my on-board soundcard inb my Thinkpad but that really could be placebo.   I might ask someone to help me do a blind test.    
Are there any blind studies as to this?   Also I notice you have a resonably high-end internal sound card. Does that make a difference for you compared to the on-board sound card?
A number of reasons but just NOT audibly improving sound quality?
  Well sound is objectively measurable. We also know what the usual bounds of human hearing is.   If external DACs does improve jitter but does there is no audible difference, why do some the guys here still sink $$$ into external DACs?
Thanks for the answers.   So with a home PC, you guys have definitely noticed hissing and other interference?   With jitter, if it can't really be detected by the human ear, why does it make such a difference?
What is wrong with internal sound cards? I often see negative comments here about why on-board sound cards but never a detailed explanation as to why this is so and an external DAC may be superior. Can someone explain this to me or point me to resources that details this?
Could an admin move this to the portable amps forum? I put this in the wrong section. Thanks!
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