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 You guys know I am a huge fan of the X1 and are a permanent part of my headphone collection. The L2 is an upgrade. Fuller more balanced mids and lesser mid bass of the X1 makes for better balance with a stage that is one of a kind for a mid sized portable can. Will do a better comparison soon.
It is the silver coated copper cable I ended up getting for my X1. Similar to these.  I haven't tried my zu cable yet but I will try those soon. If I wasn't studying right now I would be listening to those right now. Cant wait to hear how they sound in the morning.
Love my SRH1540s. Your gonna dig em..They have that Smooth Shure sound and a depth that not many headphones have.  You definitely made a good choice.
I think these are very capable next to the SRH1540 and that is the crazy thing. These are $300 phones and the SRH1540s being $500.. The value in sound is there. The only issue guys are having and the reason I got this was that the previous owner didn't like the openness of the cans. These are open and not semi open. Isolation is poor but for me I can put up with sound leakage for this level of refinement and sound.. These are open portable cans fully over ears but the...
  You guys have a serious headphone to consider once these are released in the US. I have no idea why Philips has held this masterpiece of a headphone from selling in the US but believe me this is one crazy sounding headphones. I just got these from a sale here and headfi and these are just like I remembered them to be at RMAF. Astounding resolution and refinement from these cans. The stage alone is worthy of purchase. Got them on the burner with my Silver OFC cables....
Them new ATH-CKRs being dual dynamic AT models are interesting as they use large dual drivers for the sound. If AT tuned them like the IM0X series those will be some nicely performing earphones. Look forward to some impressions of those.   FX850 is a must own.
 Good call on the FX850..Where the IM03 takes care of my detailed neutral end the FX850 takes care of the musical fluid dynamic end of my sound needs. They really are a must own for guys that are looking for music enjoyment more than sound analysis.  I can see where the highs of the IM03 can be a touch forward with the wrong tips..I ditched the stock tips and started using good old Sony hybrid tips and they have balanced out really well with amazing sound layering using...
Have a mint black burned in K545. Great closed portable can. Great condition.. $175 firm. Thanks for looking.
Case in point. I just bought a lightly used. L2..    If I remember correctly the L2s have amazing stage and resolution for portable can..Been looking to get a pair ever since I heard them at RMAF.. 
Grizz's lightly used L2s are coming my way. Can't wait.
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