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Try n get a used FX850 or FX750
A bass can that actually has some balance would be the best way to describe them. Way more comfortable as well.  More efficient. Overall better tuning. The bass is much faster on the WS99 as well. It is a nice upgrade over the WS55. Skip the pro700mk2s. One of the worst cans AT has ever made imo.
Wow this write up is front page material. Great write up Dr Blue. Makes me want one. Lol.   In other news. Here is your chance again to snap up one of these for $50 from newegg. Use code EMCATKK65   SHP9500s getting a lot of love in the Nuts household!
Those do look on the heavy.  Too many new iems.   Got an order of them new DN2000J from massdrop. Will report how it is.
Loving the Titan 1s so much gotta get me the next step up. Only 2 more days to get in on the $300 DN2000J deal. Had to do it.
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Just played some Bad Company 2. Sounds amazing if not perfect directional cues. Will try some other games soon.  It has been a while since I used the AD900X for gaming but I can safely say the SHP9500 are wicked for gaming. I prefer using these to anything else I have at the moment.
When I got my first C5 I used them non stop for a good 2 weeks. That was when I got my replacement sent by the nice folks at Cayin. I had an isolated issue with the headphone plug cutting out. I had a rare opportunity to compare a well used C5 vs a fresh out of box C5 and it is just like how your hearing them. My broken in C5 sounded smoother cleaner a bit more expanded.
This link seem to be the best deal currently online. Thanks Grayson73 for looking for us.
Treble was a bit splashy on open listen. It is not anymore. That splashiness turns into treble definition after burn in.  I also found that high quality cables do make a nice uptick in the SQ. These need some break in time I would I say minimum 50 hours. Guys recommend 100 or so but for me at least the sound settled in nicely after a few days of driver blasting.  These leak sound. People that are next to you will hear exactly what your hearing so they aren't the best...
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