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http://www.head-fi.org/t/692119/the-deals-discussion-thread-read-the-first-post/16260#post_11799537  It was on the previous page.  No worries about breaking anything. You just have to be firm but gentle at the same time when unsticking the pads from the face of the cup. It does sound like your ripping the fabric on the cups. It is just glued on there and will come off fairly easily by pulling on the cup padding or in this case using your fingers to separate the pads.
Completely different sound signature. Your good with the WS99s. I happen to like a variety of sound signatures depending on my mood and music I am listening to. I can tell you the SHP9500 sound signature is much more in line with higher end phones than the WS99s.   Your used to a warmer fuller bass emphasized phone you might not like the SHP9500 as much. If you listen to more than edm you gotta try out one of these Philips phones. But then again you like them Titan1s.  ...
Agreed, for guys that are skeptical. Give it a go. It will shock you I am willing to bet. You want to talk about price to sound ratio. Lol. There is none greater imo.    By the way while these are only rated at 32 Ohm these love some juice from a good portable or desktop amp. These scale very well from a good source.   To my ears these sound a bit like an open ATH-MSR7. Just unbelievable, especially after the mod.
Beyond just more bass. This phone has impressive imagery which comes out in full force after this mod. The reason why the thinner 1/4 inch foams is important is I tried thicker stuff and it makes the phones more V shape with even more treble and bass which didn't sound right to my ears. Without the mod the cups end up laying flat ON the ears vs the sound channeling correct to them. After mod, I would imagine this is what Philips had in mind. If they actually put in some...
I bet you don't regret it even for that price. Guys that have this phone should do this mod. It is very easy.   Take some thin foam 1/4 thick. Very important that it is not thicker than 1/4 inch. I am using flooring insulation foams. Cut out roughly the diameter of the cups. unstick the pads from the base of the cups by running your fingers around the bottom of the pads to separate the pad from base of the cup, it is stuck on there with a bit of glue. Then put the...
These headphones for this price is robbery. Fantastic headphones for certain.
If your a fan of the FX40. Should look up the Dunu Titan 1s next. Would be a nice upgrade to the JVCs. Now that I think about it both these phones have a lot in common sound sig wise.   Its been a while since I heard my old FX40s. Gonna have to compare it to the titan 1s.
Nope cant do it. Actually I find myself looking at Amazon Japan. Why is this. Any word if the LTD version sounds the same?
Must resist.
Look forward to your take on them. I don't think there is a single write up or impression of the LTD version. Could be an interesting iem. 
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