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  I have been busy with life, but in a recent discovery for me at least. I purchased a used Sony Z5, speaking of hybrids, that pretty much floored me. Never heard such an exquisite sound from a Sony earphone. It basically takes the H3 and refines every part of the sound and then has one of the largest sound stages I have ever heard in an earphone. Sad story but the purchase was not a good one due to the fact that the right housing was cutting in and out, out of the box. I...
I noticed a whole lot of new earphones I have never seen before on Amazon. Just browsing around that have dual drivers in them for $10-$20. The market seems to be changing for more and more multi driver configurations on the cheap.
Wow  a 3 driver hybrid that cost $70? Geeze. More hybrids like these have to be made so other earphone prices can start to drop. Thanks for the reviews guys. Keep them discoveries rolling.
Long story short I recently bought a used Z5 on the forums only to have a short on the right earpiece. But I heard it long enough to figure out that it is one of the most magical sounding earphones I have ever heard using my spiral dot tips of course. I use them on everything. I can't imagine how good these will sound once burned in and used in balance mode. My options were either spend a $1,000 dollars on a PHA3 or buy a pono for $250. Always wanted to hear the pono cuz...
Just bought me a new Sony Z5. Had to get me a pono for the balanced out. Anybody try this combo?   By the way the $250 deal was too good for me to pass up.  Ends this weekend I believe.
Nothing bassier than the XB90EX. Easily bought on Amazon.
I have a perfect condition Sony XBA H3 for sale. It is fully burned in and ready for the next headfier. I have everything that would come in the packaging including the tips. I baby all my gears so these are ideal if you want to try Sonys 2.1 sound in the ears.   Included paypal fees and shipping.
R.I.P. Prince. One of the most magical live performances.  
Nice comparo and read.
Synergy for me would be my DX90. Probably the best sounding using the HEM8 over any other earphone I have used with it my FX850 would be a close 2nd.  I wasn't all that impressed using the HEM8 out of my ICAN. It didn't sound much better if at all over my DX90. Simpler seems to jive better with these earphones. 
New Posts  All Forums: