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Titan 5 perhaps?. Anyone know cost on these?
That F5 kinda look like another Dunu oem.
Agreed it is more sub bass than mid bass. Keeps the sound clean. Fantastic for analytical cans that need a bit of boost. 
It depends on what iems or cans your using as well. I have had some bad experiences using a balanced cable and my Pono. Out of some earphones my Z5 it sounds top notch but using something like a FX850 it sounds terrible.  Don't know why on some phones it sounds so much better in balanced over others. 
This is great news. Looks like Jake is not replying to emails. Probably busy packing boxes. Fingers crossed. 
This guy. Lol. Aha let me explain something.. I was kidding in my prior statement. So what is it your trying to argue here?. You want all of us X5iii fans to all of a sudden start listening to Macs and $80 hefime and phones for listening to our music? You own the X5iii? Or did you just sample it? So you honestly think here on headfi where a dap thread that is 527 pages long,astounding as it only started 4 months ago, always on the top 3 threads by the way, with 1000s of...
Damn. I wasted my money on a Fiio X5iii then. That kinda sucks. Should have bought a V20 then. 
Not really analytical to be honest. They aren't a bright peaky sounding headphone. Non fatiguing. I got the DT1350 on the last sale of them. Very well balanced and has really solid low end to them. No weird peaks or dips in the sound. They are much more easier to drive than the 80 ohms would indicate.    The only problem for me is that they sound so damn good they will make you curious about Beyers higher end cans. Yes they are the real deal. Excellent portables and an...
2nd this. Love my new BL. Can't beat it for the $400 we payed!  I think my X5iii payed in full price @ $400 is a good deal as well. 
I saw those. Supposedly a good deal on em. Not much hype around em.
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