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Interested in impressions of these. Hope they sound good.
Not old hat to me. Glad they are working on some new stuff.
The tighter sound makes a huge difference in SQ on the monks.  It sounded ok previously but now I can understand what the big deal is on these.  Never in my life have I heard such a nice sound from earbuds. Lol.    I can see how if you don't get a proper fitting on these buds will cause variations in how one perceives the sound on them however.   Late but it is truly a discovery for me.   If your gonna try it. Take your time with the 2nd tip and it also helps to...
So I tried the double foam on the monk plus.. Wow!! Lol. Wayne you weren't kidding. This is silly sounding. This made a big difference for me as they fit tighter in my ears and as a result sound tighter in all areas of sound.  Sounds nothing like a cup of coffee I payed for this.   Makes the older budget champs sound like budget earphones.
@ $500 these were difficult to sell. I don't know if they compete with $500 earphones. My Sony Z5 mops the floor with these things for example.  They should have sold for $300 imo. But for $200? Not too many 4BA earphones will be sold at this price.
A mid focused 4 BA earphone with good comfort and solid build. Original MSRP for $500. This is an absolute bargain at $200. Mmcx connectors so you can use the slew of aftermarket cables including balanced cables on them. Sound even better with silver cables. In fact with silver cables these end up sounding very similar to the HEM8 their newest flagship earphones. They require some tip modding/ rolling for best sonics but otherwise excellent deal. Smaller ears might not...
I have to agree with cutier23. I recently got a balanced mmcx cable for my pono player to see if balanced makes my other earphones sound as nice as my Z5 balanced.   Without a doubt in my mind I have nothing I owned or heard the comes close to the Z5 in balanced mode using the Pono. I was thinking my FX850 or my Primo 8 would somehow become better sounding when balanced but nope. The FX850 balanced comes too bloated in the bass and ends up sounding cheap. Primo 8 sound...
$20 balanced cable ordered. Look forward to them.   @ WaynesW. Will try double foams soon.
Never heard any of them actually. First time for me. Not a big fan of buds so I passed on them till I saw a recent deal on Massdrop. Glad I gave them a go. Look forward to your comparison.  Damn that don't sound like how ericp describe them.  I take it you tried some different tips to get a good seal?
So I get my RED massdrop edition Monk plus in a couple days ago. It has been a while since I listened to an earbud. These things sound damn good. It is amazing how much sonics you get for the money now a days.   I know I am late to the bandwagon on them but I think if more and more manufacturers push the envelope on sound on the cheap that is such good news for enthusiasts around the world. I only wish the sound per money ratio scaled up to he level of the Monks that...
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