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  Oh man you got me wrong. I use my single ended cus I have many different sources that don't have balanced.  I am gonna be honest. SE sound great but balanced is really where the Z5 shines. It is astoundingly mind blowing in balanced mode.  I use my Pono in balanced mode. If you have not heard the Z5 in balanced mode yet. Gotta try it out. Otherwise your gonna miss out. It is in balanced mode the earphone become something very special.  No matter what you do figure out...
You cant just show a simple pic mochill. You gotta let us know how it is!
This is the first time I can recall such a ban took place. After reading what happened I can completely understand. That is some shady tactics to get your name out there. In any case.   Not a big deal in the scheme of things fellas. 
I told Danny a few days ago that once you get your Z5 burned in for a bit and hear them with the pono. Your gonna have more than a few WOW moments. Lol.  Glad your digging them bro.     That is one combo for the ages. It just don't get much better.
Sounds like a solid bang for buck hybrid.
Look for an ICAN. Very nice amp for the price. Has bass boost. Plenty of power and 3D mode which is crazy with headphones.
 You will find yourself repeating this statement over and over again. Lol.
Look forward to your take on the D2s   I ended up getting in on them Phantom master 4s before the cut off date for early purchase.  I hope those end up being a good as their potential.   Danny is lurking more so now a days. But he is around.
It is just pure magic Dr Jazz. Pono and Z5 are made for each other.  I was thinking the other day. I really don't have the desktop or portable synergy with any of my headphones or iems quite like the Pono and Z5.   And the fact that this sound can be with me on the go, makes it that much more special to me.
The more impressions I am reading about these the more I am intrigued.  Will be reading more of the DQSM thread  They will be worth every penny. @ Ericp. How they sound now? I had more than a few wow moments several days after open listen I would imagine it will be the same with you.
New Posts  All Forums: