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Nope just log on to frys.com and register with them and they will send you coupons for sales. Some good electronics and audio stuff on the site as well.
Seriously end game on the Pono balanced out.
 Sell one or a couple of items you dont feel is necessary in your staple and fork the cash for a Pono. Was made for the Z5. Like I said in my review once you go balanced you will never go back. Worth getting a Pono anyway due to the versatility and balanced is perfect on it. Anyone interested in the Pono. Subscribe to the Pono thread as I got my Pono for a wicked deal on frys.com. They normally go for $400 which imo is worth it for the balanced out alone but I ended up...
So. This is my take on the Sony Z5.   http://www.head-fi.org/products/sony-xba-z5-ultimate-hi-res-in-ear-headphone/reviews/16077
Long overdue review.   Here ya go fellas. http://www.head-fi.org/products/sony-xba-z5-ultimate-hi-res-in-ear-headphone/reviews/16077
Interesting.  I only use Drum n Bass. Heavy bass tracks. Blasting on the drivers. I have burned in over a 100 plus phones easily using this method. Just my opinion and experience in the matter of burn in but to me my 3 hour long Drum n Bass burn in on a loop produces better burn in than anything else I have ever tried and I have tried a lot. Even nano carbon and titanium drivers that eventually break down and give in to the rigors of that speedy fat bass. Them drivers get...
  Yup. I use the upgrade cable AT-HDC5/1.2  on my pair.  Would never switch back to the stock cable. More detail all around.  Brings the IM03 to another level imo. Tried the stock cable after using this cable for a while. IM03 sounds a bit dull and warmer with the stock cable in comparison.
Most definitely. Probably a good 3dbs more so.
 It is more a matter of having bigger bass vs less bass on the zeros. This by nature will give a better sense of speed. 
I am glad that Shozy actually gave some thought into the nozzle size of the Zeros and what tips to include for the package. In this case it looks like they match up well. I noticed a lot of manufacturers. Sony AT and the like just use standard in house tips that don't necessarily give out the best sonics on a particular IEM they are releasing. So I don't blame others for trying out their own tips.   On a different note. I notice the Zero seem to match up well with my...
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