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Very tempted to get one on recent massdrop not so good deal. 
Dont know if you figured it out yet but it is fairly simple. Plug an interconnect to your line out of the x3ii on the other side of your head phone plug. No setting necessary. Plug other end to your C5. Line in. Plug headphone into your C5,headphone out. Power on and enjoy. i use a single band on the center part of the X3ii against the C5. It becomes a bigger brick but is a good way to have that power on the go.
I bought a pair of these when they first came out. That is a very nice deal. Titanium coated drivers. Need a good pounding but otherwise that is one of the better deals for a good sounding portable.
Dr Blue is the only headfier that can call me that and get away with it. Hes been calling me by that delectable deep fried  confection for a while now. If Dr Blue names you a sweet food of any type that is only a good thing!
I was listening to the Zero on my Pono last night and it is almost like they have a slight veil to the mid range. I think Jant might have hit the nail on the head of why it sounds like it does but I think what bugs me a bit also is the extensions on both ends are kinda weak. Sub bass is kinda not so defined and treble extension is kinda flat. I think this is where it reminds me a bit of the old HAS 400 portable. Very similar safe balanced tuning that didn't really excite....
Again for the price I think they are worth the thread. However I noticed Shozy is contacting mass amounts of headfiers to do reviews of them which could be one way to get your new iem out there. I cant get a review in simply due to the fact that there is at least one Zero review a day it seems. I don't know if it is due to the fact that we are spoiled with great cheapos from the past here on the discovery thread or what it is exactly but.   I am gonna tell you fellas...
So I hate to be a Debbie downer but the Shozy Zero imo is not great. I feel they are good iems for the price but   I find it harder and harder to get engaged by them. The tuning is a safe one and they have all that is needed for a good sounding iem but for some reason they are kinda on the boring for me.   I have a review sample that I am going to do a review soon on but the longer I am using these the less I am enchanted with them.
  Oh man you got me wrong. I use my single ended cus I have many different sources that don't have balanced.  I am gonna be honest. SE sound great but balanced is really where the Z5 shines. It is astoundingly mind blowing in balanced mode.  I use my Pono in balanced mode. If you have not heard the Z5 in balanced mode yet. Gotta try it out. Otherwise your gonna miss out. It is in balanced mode the earphone become something very special.  No matter what you do figure out...
You cant just show a simple pic mochill. You gotta let us know how it is!
This is the first time I can recall such a ban took place. After reading what happened I can completely understand. That is some shady tactics to get your name out there. In any case.   Not a big deal in the scheme of things fellas. 
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