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I hope the price will be competitive.
All I use is the DX90. I can't imagine a better source to feed the C5. Dual sabres just pops using the C5. If you own the DX90 it is all your gonna need. It sounds world class with the C5. Makes the on board amp section somewhat weak in comparison and the amp section is no joke on the DX90.
I know most iems are easy to drive, at least most are made that way more efficient as most are used to be driven from a smart phone or a simple source but a good amp paired up with your favorite iem is like supersizing the abilities of that particular iem. In the case of the C5 it makes everything I own sound like a higher end version of itself. Everything I tried with the C5 sounds amazing.   I noticed that about good amps in general. If it was made with care and great...
But this thread is about the Havis. Nice earphones. Pretty stunned how great these sound. They sound high end to my ears properly amped..
With everything my friend. Your most sensitive iems to power hungry 600Ohm cans. 800mW @32Ohm. It has more power than you will ever use..It should come with a warning actually. Responsible enthusiasts only..It will and can blow out your ear drums. Very low noise floor if not dead silent like it is for my 12 Ohm Doppios. Astounding amp. People on headfi have no idea. Lol. One of the best hardware purchases you guys will ever make.. What it does for your earphones it does...
C5>>>E11K. C5 is a good 2 to 3 tiers in sound refinement. More refined than the E12 and actually seems to have more power than it even though it is rated a bit higher than the C5( according to Peter123). Astounding amp for the price. Will drive the Havi B pro to ear bleeding levels on low gain with added stage, separation, clarity, depth, detail.   Not just the Havi B but everything I own actually. This amp cost $160..It is the Havi B pro I equivalent in the portable AMP...
I like how they sound with my Cayin C5. Astounding for how little these things cost.
Just got one of them fandangled Havi B pros. Sounds real nice on the C5.
You should give them a real good burn in. It changes the sound for the much better. I would go for a week straight to see what happens. Your just starting to probably hear a bit of change with some use but a serious beat down on the drivers will bring out the butterfly of the caterpillar that is the open box FX850.
Oh yea that little item there got my interest as well. You should be good for a source for a while with that. I was tempted to grab one but invested on some geek products that I am eagerly waiting on. Let us know how that jives with your FX850. I bet it will sound stellar.
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