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I have a feeling as more and more people end up getting a pair this thread will grow. It is only a matter of time. I have yet to read a single negative about these.   I let a coworker listen to my pair with my Pono.  He ended up buying one from massdrop. Lol.   Aaron let me know they are working on a full sized bluetooth headphone. If it is tuned like the ON2. Those should be interesting.
I like the MS02 more so than the Rain3 but I agree with you 100% on burn in. I heard the slight grain on first listen as well which went away with some time on them.   Again the ON2 is one of those phones. People don't know until they own a pair. It is surprising how good they actually are. 
Nmatheis any take on how the M1s and X5iii compares SQ wise?
Been reading this thread since day one. Got my order in for Bn H photo. Very reputable site by the way.   I was so close to ordering a Aune M1s.. Been waiting forever and a day for the LHLabs Geek wave.. Still waiting for them to pull their heads out of their butts and actually deliver a product.   Screw waiting. I am all about Fiios latest..
I am gonna guess wider stage on the X2. I have the older X1. ON2 is a portable on ear. Though comfortable and will isolate much better than the X2. One of the best passive isolating headphones I own actually. Sound will be tighter on the ON2 due to closed design but will again have the more intimate stage in sound. I bet the sound profile,balance besides stage will be similar.  My X1 is more V shaped in sound profile.  I did some A/B testing with Zero Audio singolos and the DuoZA.   Believe it or not the B100 has more in common with the DuoZA vs the Singolos. I don't have a review sample of the B150s but from what I have read about them it seems the B150s have more in common with the Singolos.
I am thinking this is the reason why they are remaking the PM4 in the Master.  Trinity makes good sounding stuff but their QC seems to be off. Makes me a bit worried about the Hunter. Hate to spend that much and get a lemon
Ya my review unit was very weird sounding on open box. I kid you not I have notes about how terrible the sound was. It literally sounded like the sound was compressed flat with a very small stage. I have never heard anything like it.  A week later after leaving it to play music the entire week and it sounded like a completely different earphone all together.  The change was night and day.   Tips seems to make a big difference in sound for them as well.  As they are now I...
Haven't tried the B150 yet but I have a review sample of the B100. It has grown on me for certain.  I was shocked at how bad it sounded on first listen however..  Seems to be a better deal to get a B100 instead based on your review.
I feel it is one of those cans that if you dont own one you just dont know. Recent massdrop deal for $130 had to be one of the best deals for money. Still a bit overlooked. Which is a damn shame.
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