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im asking how best to set it up. e.g. plug the A5s straight into the HD and enjoy or plug the A5s into the E7/E9 combo (or singular) and enjoy that way.   and with my head phones plug them into the HD or my best guess is into the E7/E9?   just to get the best possible listening experiance i can get from what i have at the moment
I just got my Audio engine A5s today and im wondering what the best way to set up my stuff is. My stuff: A5s, FiiO E7, FiiO E9 and X-fi Titanium HD I use my computer for everything but mostly gaming (and most of that is with headphones like my A900s) and watching movies with about 25% music use. Any help is appreciated thanks
I think its actually made of bamboo cos one of its pros is its made from renewable sourse.
i am going to a set of these speakers and i have just 1 question, is there any sound difference between the black/white set and the bamboo set?   I ask this because i have a set of bamboo ones on order (they are just coming into aus) and i was thinking that is there is no actual difference in SQ then i could save myself a  few dollars and get a black set which would also look better with my set-up.   so again is there any difference in sound quality between the...
thanks very much, that helps a lot :). I understand everything you said YAY
im thinking about getting the E7+E9 combo (unless someone can convince me otherwise for something around the same price and better) and i was wondering what the difference is with all the L cables you can get with it?   also is it worth getting the L7 aswell?     using it mostly with my ipod original and laptops (gaming mostly) and maybe sometimes on my PC but that has a X-Fi titanium HD in it.   headphones are either ATH-A900 or HD650s
can anyone help?
ive just reciently bought a pair of HD650s and a pair of ATH-A900 and i was wondering if you could suggest a good amp and DAC (portible) that i can use with at least the 650s.   be using it mostly for Laptops and my MP3 players. budget for both is around $300 - $400   thanks in advance.   ive done a lot of researching on here and the net in general and i am confussed lol   P.s one a side note i have also just gotten a X-Fi Tit HD and am wondering about...
if i went without 5.1 would it be better then?
I have win7 so it's ok.   ok Ty.   Is the ASUS Xonar Essence ST or the ASUS Xonar Essence STX a better choice?
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