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Thank you! I will try that! It will be interesting to try to hear the difference of the ODAC to my X-FI Titanium HD through these speakers
I would connect the Aux output from the ODAC into the Speaker?
Hey guys I love the ODAC I have, with RCA Outputs. I wonder if it's possible to connect it to my Computer speakers. They're Corsair S2500 Do I need to have any amplifier, I don't know, between them? How would I connect them? Thanks!
Thanks! Very happy with the JDSLabs cMoy BB v2.03 + ODAC + HD558! Great sound! I'm using WASAPI in foobar, so I guess the setting inside Win7 Audio Manager doesn't matter
Just got my ODAC unit here! Really nice sounding unit so far! So, are you all using the recommended 24bit/96 in Win7?
I always thought I would have to use Dolby Headphone or CMSS or THXStudio Pro to get this kind of 5.1 virtualization to my stereo Headphones. What a pleasant surprise!
Awesome! THanks! Now I feel more secure to better arrange all the mess I've got here. I will do some serious organization as soon as the new cables arrive.
First, thank you very much for the nice answer! I'm happy because I did just as you said, I bought some quality cables from Monoprice, great store! Wow, great prices too. They should be arriving here within the next 2 weeks. I have bought cables as soon as possible, as I understand ,the shorter the better for cables. About keeping Power and Data cables separate, you mean physically? Like, they shouldn't be near each other, or cross each other paths? I will try to do...
So, nobody watches movies with 5.1 Audio using Headphones?
New to this world, I want to get the best from the equipment I got, so I could use a Guide with tips on how Cables should be placed to avoid interference to the signal. I have lots of equipments here on my Desk, my PC with lots of cables going all directions. I read we should keep important Sound Cables 4 feet from others, is that so? If they cross, they should do at a 90 degrees angle, that's the kind of stuff I want to learn how to do right. I have lots of USB stuff...
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