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New price! 150 is a great bargain for this amazing cable, Sells for 199 new for 1.5 Meters.
Sent you a PM
I'm selling this PPA Headphone Cable I bought from a user in Brazil. It's made by Paul Pang, better know for his USB cards and custom made high grade components. It's 3 Meters long. Very solid construction, gold plated connector.   http://ppaproduct.blogspot.com.br/2015/06/ear-phone-cables.html   Selling new for 199, and that's for the 1 Meter version, 3 meters costs much more.   Info, PM me.   Best Regards   Alexis
I did the test using Foobar with WASAPI and also running Fidelizer Pro, so it's a Bit-Perfect Playback.
The Titanium HD is clearly better than the ODAC. Didn't expect to find this, specially since the ODAC is so well praised, and the X-fi Titanium HD is made by a game Company. But there's a lot more clarity, punch, bass in the X-fi than on the ODAC.   I use the RCA Line out to connect to my powered speakers and to my Magni 2.
Hey guys.   So I have a X-Fi Titanium HD in my PC, which features pretty good electronical components, such as PCM 1794 DAC, PCM 4220 ADC,  JRC211D and LME49710HA Opamps. I also have an ODAC unit, which is currently the DAC I'm using together with my Schiit Magni 2 to my HD600.   Which is the better option regarding sound quality in your opinion? ODAC or the Titanium HD?
Just bought my Pro Key, couldn't resist after hearing the improvement that Free gave me and wanting even more!   As a curiosity, how close does Fidelizer gets the sound quality to a better OS for music like Linux and MAC?
Wow the difference is amazing!! I admit I didn't believe this software doing only Windows Optimizations could improve audio so much when Foobar2000 is already doing a great job, but the clarity, the soundstage, everything is clearly improved after using Fidelizer. I was only believing I could get this kind of SQ improvement spending a lot of money with a new DAC, but I'm happy to report that's not true.   It's a shame dollar in Brazil is over 4 now, so it makes anything...
I have a ODAC already. Just got the amazing HD600. I wonder if getting the O2 for AMP is the best move now, or should I focus on a better DAC+AMP combo. What do you guys think?
I have always had this issue in my head.   How do I get like a Star Wars movie, with a 5.1 or 6.1 AudioStream, and get it to sound good on my Headphone or on my 2.0 Speaker system?   I tried using PotPlayer to output the audio to 2.0, but that didn't sound good at all, it was clear a lot of the sounds were missing, sometimes the sound would go almost silent, probably the surround sound not being output to the speakers.   I have read about virtualization, but I know...
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