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Wow, I guess it's been a little while since I've checked this out.  That first post is the most thorough, amazing thing I think I've seen here on head-fi.
*Shameless self-promotion*   Any new and exciting developments in the past few months?
I've had this particular T50RP for a while now, and I consider it the best mod that I've done to date, but my stationary headphones just aren't seeing any use lately so I'm thinking it's time to move on   This is the slightly older version of the T50RP that was seen back when the modding craze began--it has the darker copper colored rods.  It has quite a few modifications, many of them similar to the DVB 3 setup.   Internal: -Silverstone on back wall of...
Up for sale is a mint condition Topping TP22 speaker amp.  This great little amp sounds great, but hasn't seen much use since upgrading to the TP60, so I'd like to move it on to a new home.  Put out 30W into 4 ohms, or 15 into 8, perfect for medium to high sensitivity speakers in small or medium rooms.  Mine served to drive a pair of Zaph 5.2s (~83dB sensitivity IIRC) in a 12' x 20' room with zero problems.  What you see in the pictures is what you get -- the amp, laptop...
Doing a bit of spring cleaning -- I no longer use a stationary headphone setup so some stuff's gonna go.  This listing is for a fully functioning Audio Poutine "desktop" O2 in the B3-080 case.  A second set of RCA outputs has been added--these are directly connected to the front headphone out, so they will both be active at the same time.  Included is the recommended Triad 12V wallwart, 4 new stick on rubber feet, and the volume knob JDSlabs includes in many of their...
The bottlehead quickie sounds nice for the price, but you'd probably end up going over budget building it.
Can you please elaborate on this?
Or, considering the budget it may be more reasonable to go with a standalone dac and an integrated amp.  The earlier posters who were recommending headphone amps most likely neglected or misunderstood the first post.
I've been very impressed with my TP60 over the past few months.  That would slot right into your budget
Looks like they're Jamo R907s
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