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Maybe you guys called it trash due to the genre you guys listen to maybe? I use mine mainly for hip hop/rap/pop/ and Soul. It works perfectly fine for it's price except for Soul where the voices wouldn't be called crystal clear. I wouldn't recommend keeping it if you listen to orchestral music. Like any music with acoustic instruments (excluding guitars for some reason) will sound a bit different and off, especially the high pitches (like on the violin). 
Yeah, I'm not looking for IEM's. I'm looking for some OEM's. 
I'd recommend at least 4-5 days of burn-in (96-120 hours). I used white noise for the entire process.   Before burn-in it sounded cold, after the burn-in it improved and felt a bit warmer (suck at describing sound).   And ever since I burnt them in, the sound quality improved drastically 2 MONTHS AFTER the burn-in. It's probably because I didn't burn them in enough. I only listen to music an hour or two a day. So you can try to burn them in for a week, it should work. If...
Sufficient03, I actually think it's just that the headphones either are a counterfeit or are defective. I can't say it any other way. the S4 are one of the heaviest bass IEM (in-ear monitors just incase you didn't know) that you can get for under a $100.   I'll tell you my experience with them at first, it was cold and too stiff. It's hard to explain, but the bass was there, but it was stiff and solid (too solid). After burning it in for around 120 hours with white...
Well, since I won't be taking this out of the house often, it will most likely be connected to my PC. I might plug it into my iPad or iPod touch every now and then.   Also, can you recommend a headphone with isolation? For some reason, I can't get the feeling of being separated from society with isolation headphones.    And the headphones you recommended, are they good on high pitches on the violin? 
I'm not sure then. If what you say is true, then that might be the only problem. So far, my S4s work the same on everything I use (iPod, iPhone, iPad, and my PC). There's almost no difference. I also used it on a Galaxy S2 (phone), it sounded the same as long as the EQ in all the devices are turned off. 
Your set has to be counterfeit. After about 48 hours of burn-in, I heard a bigger and more solid bass than when I first got them.  To check if their faulty, I guess you should try to smudge off the Klipsch logo. I had mine for a year and a half, the logo has never disappeared. People (according to customers who bought fake ones) said that their fake Klipsch headphones had their logo smudged off within a month. So use your thumb and see if they come off. 
I need headphones that make voices (in the songs) clear and are very well all around.   Some examples of artists I listen to: Maroon 5, Adele, Christina Perri, Bruno Mars, and Orchestral music (Basically violin/cello with a piano).   The orchestral music is my favorite, like I want to hear the instruments come alive (best way I can phrase it). Like I want a headphone (not an IEM) that will be able to play the music of a violin crystal clear (also a piano). I also...
Okay, So its been around 40 hours of pink noise. I haven't really checked the bass and stuff, but I realized if I turn pause the music and toggle with the volume, it creates some popping when I increase or decrease while the music is paused, it only happens on the higher half of the volume setting. Is that just because I never used it there? Should I mix white and pink noise?
I don'd know about the converterter part, but the tips are fine. It wasnt the same exact copy, I'll test that out. And my EQ is off.
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