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I guess it docent matter to me much , the most I would use is 250ohm, how about sound quality guys? Because most people say e10 sound better than e9 eventhough not as much power
essence stx, but was also curious about the general diferences...ty
Has anyone here compared the E10 to a sound card? They both do the same functions... :) would liek to know; thanks!
It is called conceptualizing and theorizing, I never say this headphone is better than the other, i always say "seem" and "appear to be", but of course you discard the details like that, now stop harrasing this thread and only post relevant stuff.
What are you talking about?
Notice the seem and not are? Thanks.
Rpg wiz, the dt990 pros seem exactly what you need, their sq, clarity, soundstage STOMPS the xb500, but they sound forward andIn your face while still having an amazing soundstage, plus the mid bass is better than both demon d2000 and dt770 pro 80, with a zoo, I fear they might be one of the best things in the planet >  
Rpg wiz, i meant the xb500's bass to the other basshead phones you had xD
Very interesting indeed! But the dt990 pros with the zo2 seem like the perfect headphone for EVERYTHING
awful? Why? And yeah it's locked, the conclusion is done.
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