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  Used to own some d7000s these are not pikcy phones, I heard no noises through any amps I have. a18 has blacker back ground in comparason with some of those amps. I currently have some pk1s/pk2s they sound great with a18. I sold my ue11s long time ago so don't know about iems with this amp. If there is any chance that the disigner xiao long passed by he may able to help. :)
I had been using a18 with my hd650s/q701s/dt990s for last few days. The amp sounds engaging, warm side. I very much like it with q701s/dt990s, punchy, well presentatioin and good bass, probably a bit too warm for hd650s but thats just my taste.
6000?thats 1000$ shall be on par with wa2,v200 and such.....   Anyway the owner of yulong is kind enough to lent me a sample for trial. will report back how it sound after arrival.
I also ordered from headphonia.
Its fully balanced, comes with both balanced and single headphone output. I am looking for a medium size desktop amp for my balanced headphones seems the a18 can fit my needs. Any updates about the releasing date of this amp, and how much?
I had been wondering not a while ago. I think no one can answer this question even Robert himself cant I guess.   Since read someone here saved considerable money while waiting for the amp. I am totally relaxed. :)   Btw also received a email  confirming the shipping address but only god knows when it will be delivered. lets pray.
Its far more than “not bad”,one of best sounding portable sources there haah
Or probably mikhai from single power?
I own both. J3 outperforms the touch4 sound wise imo. Touch4 sound a bit boring to me.
Yeah, I have both(solo and the hp-p1). The po on p1 is just a joke even my hm-801 beats it at ease. I wish I was wrong as I really don't wanna carry too many metal boxes for potable use.
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