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For the Canadians out there, these are available from NCIX at $200: Focal Spirit One Closed Circumaural Over Ear Headphone - Black SONY Stereo headphones black MDR-1RMK2/B: Electronics
After owning the HD 650's and getting a taste of their warm sound signature, I can say that I am addicted. However, they were too expensive for me when factoring the price of an decent DAC/Amp. Thus I would like something at no more than $200 that is efficient, warm, and amazingly comfortable. I would love a nice balanced headphones with maybe a slight emphasis on the bass and they absolutely cannot be bright. I am impartial to both open and closed headphones but...
One of the glaring effects when I was EQing that I've noticed as well. Thanks, I'll give your settings a listen as well. Also, should I adjust the global gain or increase the volume on my amp? Which would give less distortion?
Surprisingly, it doesn't crash when I mess with it while the music is playing. I've tried to mirror your exact graph but how do I get the curve to be less "stream-lined"?
I am trying to EQ the treble so that it isn't as harsh. I didn't know where to start so I just used headroom's FR graph as a reference. In Electri-q, I did a -3dB at 6.3kHz and 8.7kHz as well as a -6dB at 11kHz. Is this correct?
Are there any online retailers that I can purchase these from for <$200? These were around $160 several months ago and its ridiculous that the priced increased 1.5x since then.
Sadly, I am ridding of all my audio equipment because they simply do not see much use anymore. Up for sale are the JDS Labs ODAC and O2 Amplifier in two separate enclosures. The ODAC contains the smaller, now discontinued enclosure. Both are in like new condition and comes with a 110V adapter, 6 ft. USB gold-plated cable, and a 3 ft. 3.5mm to 3.5mm gold-plated cable. This price does not include shipping and PayPal fees which are to be determined. If you are in the Calgary...
Sadly, I am ridding of all my audio equipment because they simply do not see much use anymore. The DT 880 Pro's have seen about 20 hours of use and have otherwise been sitting in the carrying case. The DT 880 Pro's are in pristine, like new condition and comes with all original packaging and accessories as you'd expect from a retail purchase. These prices do not include shipping and PayPal fees and are to be determined. If you are in the Calgary area and is interested, we...
Looking for an ODAC by JDS Labs with black end plates. It must be in good condition. Would definitely prefer the shorter 63mm? enclosure over the new longer 95mm enclosure. Shipping will be to Calgary, Canada so if you are looking to sell, PM me the price including shipping.
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