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I've reached out to Stefan AudioArt a number of times by phone / the company's website for help in repairing one of their Equinox Sennheiser HD650 headphone cable replacements, but the company never calls back / replies. I'm wondering if any DIYers out there might be of help. I have an issue with the Equinox right channel working intermittently, it's seemingly a problem with the right Sennheiser plug connector (I can wiggle the wire near the connector and I get sound.)...
Amps are SOLD
Marshall,   There are still available; must be the economy / I'm not sure why.   Best regards,   Dave B.
Price dropped to $1,689.
Price lowered to $1,749 obo.
 Now included in the sale are two 6' VH Audio cryoed Flavor 4 power cables; the base price new is  $209.99 for each power cable. VH Audio is the same company that makes the renowned V-Caps. Original add modified to show power cables included in price.   Klaus let me know that the amps have shipped from Odyssey, and he swapped out all the transformers for the "new,  kick-ass Toroids". Amps should be in NH next Wednesday. 
Minty clean, conservatively rated 9/10 on Audiogon scale; smoke and animal free dedicated audio room. Amps sent to Odyssey & Klaus in Indy for check up and upgrades. These SS amps excel in so many areas; search AC and other forums. SOLD, USPS MO okay, paypal pays 3%, shipping not included. Odyssey warranty transferable to second owner; Klaus' service and advice is second to none. Reason for sale: Zu Omen Definition speaker's 98dB v. gain of Odyssey amps; I only...
Photos, lighting / camera could be better:
Unit is fully burned in, mint condition, not been used the past year as I've been swapmed at work. Will come with two extra male connectors. Price = $379 + shipping. Transferable lifetime warranty. If you know RSA, you know how great it is to have Mr. Samuels on your team. The balanced sound totally spoiled me. I regret selling this unit, but it deserves to be played and will bring the next user much enjoyment.   SN #027; US sales only considered at this time.
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