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Cheers, it's just over 6 feet. The Viablue splitter's nice, it's got kinda big openings at the top for two twisted conductors though. At the bottom where the the 4 wire round braid goes in, I added 3 or 4 layers of heatshrink to pad it out and then tightened the screws on each side to secure it. It's good that there are two screws because it doesn't leave the wire off centre/crooked like the Viablue connectors do when you tighten the strain relief screw (which pushes the...
Good thanks mate, check your PM! Nice cutting mat background for the Y-split ;)   Finished my recable/markl mod/D7000 wood cup transplant now on these D2000s and posted them back to their rightful owners, but not before a quick pic for the DIY Gallery   
Love the app, Retina/HiDPI icons for the Menu Bar Icon and for the iTunes icon in Preferences would be appreciated!
Very nice Luke, SPC for the ground wires I assume? Is that the 24AWG? Lovely job on the Y-split mate.
Congrats Frank!
My latest work, doing a mod and recable on a fellow head-fier's Denons, will post another picture when it's soldered on!   Viablue 3.5mm (mini version)/Toxic Cables UP OCC/Viablue Y-split  
For sale are a pair of Denon AH-D2000 pads in great condition.   I can include enough fiberloft (as recommended by markl for his mods) to stuff the pads if required (I can't stuff them as the plastic retaining rings for attaching the pads to the headphones aren't included).   Price includes PayPal fees (although gifting payment would be appreciated!) and shipping to the UK, EU and US. eBay feedback available here. Thanks for looking.
I wonder if you might extend the deadline of the competition Andy due to a lack of entries?   If you do, I'll hazard a guess at 25 Gold, 16 Silver and 20 Bronze medals for Team GB!
When I bought mine earlier, I demoed a unit in the shop which clicked and the unit I took home also clicks in the same fashion when changing sample rate. From Hifi Choice:  'You need to install TEAC’s drivers on your computer to use highsampling rates via USB and not all applications seem to notice them – iTunes would only play at 44kHz. Some playback applications seemed to cause a momentary dropout at the start of a track, when you can hear the DAC’s muting relays cut...
Welcome to head-fi! You're probably best starting a separate thread with a title something like 'Audio Interface for Recording my Band' in the "Computer Audio" sub-forum, you'll probably find a lot more help there.   In the meantime, it might be worth checking out Motu's website.
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