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PM sent
Thanks for the reply, I can see why it would be an issue for VLC thinking about it, and it probably wouldn't be worth doing with streaming programs like spotify.
As per title, creating this as a reference for the buyer and myself and for feedback.
I was having a think, and it's probably a little far fetched, but it would be great if you could use BitPerfect in conjunction with other apps (selectable by the menu bar icon maybe?) such as VLC and Spotify. Are there any future plans for other software integration like this?
Great to hear, thanks! The RMBP is brilliant isn't it!
Does anyone know if there are any UK head-fiers with Sennheiser HE90/HEV90s that might like to come along to the meet?
I have a sheet of Dynamat Extreme and a LOT of Fiberloft left over from a recent Markl Mod, which are surplus to requirements and therefore for sale for £7 posted to the UK including PayPal fees. If you are from abroad and interested, please enquire and I'll see what I can do for you.   The Dynamat sheet is 10" x 10" - this is more than enough for doing the complete mod on a set of Denons.   I bought a 1lb sack of Fiberloft and only used a tiny amount for the...
FREE FIBERLOFT FOR USERS   I've got a big bag of spare Fiberloft from a recent Markl Mod. Fiberloft is pretty hard to find in some countries (such as the UK), so if you want some for stuffing your Denon AH-D2/5/7000 pads (as per markl's mods), PM me and I'll send you enough if you cover the cost of the P&P.   Thanks
Lovely job! Thanks for posting it, I was wondering about how I'd recable my P3s, they use the hellishly small-bodied 2.5mm connector as well, one mono jack to each ear, but this has given me hope! Did you change the wire going through the headband to the other ear?
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