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Thanks, I'm assuming you're suggesting using some heatshrink at the split rather than making the headphones single-entry? I went for the ViaBlue Y-split for continuity with the jack and because the headphones themselves are so big, I can get away with a chunky Y-split!
Bit late but orange is right and yellow is left for anyone that searches to find this in the future
Cheers mate
Yes, they're Lawton's Angle Pads, pair number 10 or something 
Also, if anyone is interested in my old 1.4m unterminated braided cable made from Toxic Cables 7N copper feel free to drop me a PM, away from tomorrow until Friday though, so won't probably won't reply 'til I'm back.
Thanks Luke, yes it's much better! And I'm in love with the look of sparkly silver and rosy copper intertwined!!!
Re-recabled my Denons, went for a hybrid of Toxic Cables SPC and Copper (for the grounds) in the end. Redoing it gave me the opportunity to correct everything I wasn't quite happy with first time round, like the 4 inch(!) strain relief and the Qables Y-splitter and the Y-split length + difference in distances.      
And make sure if you are using a USB stick that it's virus scanned by a decent scanner as there are some viruses that infest the host computer upon auto-running!
Been thinking about another recable of my Denons, maybe with some silver this time... I messaged Frank about a week ago and he said he would be releasing a few new DIY wires this month, including a stranded silver one like his silver poison stuff but without the gold (or the 'poison' ) in it.   Anyhow I was having another look through his eBay store this evening and came across this stuff which looks pretty...
Andy, these people are local to me and I know they're pretty good. You might be able to negotiate a deal for the meet for under £10 a T-shirt if you give them a call.  
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