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Thanks fraggier, just a part of it needs to be really slim and that looks like just what I want if the Neutrik won't fit!   Edit: Neutrik/Rean provide technical drawings which gave me the measurements I needed.
Any chance people could post the smallest bodied 3.5mm plugs they know of? I'm looking at making a shorter straight cable for my TMA-1 Studios which have a recessed 3.5mm entry socket. So far I can think of the Viablue mini and possibly the rean jacks.
As per title, I have a pair of TMA-1 Studios, but the iPhone cable cannot be purchased separately. If anyone bought them with the iPhone cable and doesn't want it, I would appreciate it.
Info on the tubes now updated after talking to Steve at Mullard Magic.
I received a 0.75m AudioQuest USB cable as a gift recently, however my DAC (TEAC UD-H01) uses a standard type-B connector rather than a mini USB connector. Therefore it is for sale as a brand new item since I cannot put it to good use. The box is in good condition apart from the tabs on the bottom are peeling a little (see the photo) from transport/storage. I have never used it, however I can test it if the buyer wishes before sending it. It is the exact same cable...
I think Andy's got this to post home to its rightful owner 
Firstly does anyone know if multi-quote replies work across more than one page? As in, is it possible to pick multiple quotes from different pages of the thread and then reply?   In reply: Thanks, it's quite difficult to give a definitive answer as I couldn't A-B them and also because I added another lot of Dynamat, this time to the outer ring on the rear of the driver whilst recabling but there definitely wasn't a negative impact. I think that being SPC rather than a...
Yes it is East Indian Rosewood!  
Epic first post! Welcome to head-fi - sorry about your wallet!
Decided these are no longer for me as I want something more fun, even though they have silky smooth mids which sound glorious with vocals and guitars! They're just over a year old and have been well looked after however there is a tiny (approx 2mm) crack in the nozzle of the left earpiece (see pictures). I have no idea how it happened - it does not affect the sound in any way and I only noticed it myself when I removed the sleeves today to photograph them.   I would...
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