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Interested to hear any thoughts on how things have worked out with the new pads if possible? Do the velour ones isolate just as well?
It's a Wolfson WM8533 by the looks of it:
Photos of the cable added.
Photos of the headphones added, cable to come. It is braided and sleeved, I just need to get some black spray paint to do the plug before soldering it all together.
Price dropped to £220 posted
Open to offers on multiple pairs
    These are the plugs I am using. The standard cable is coiled so a bit chunky for mobile use.   The wire is the same as can be found at this link: Toxic Cables UPOCC 24AWG 7N Copper Wire, it really is fantastic stuff.
I won these and opened them to check them out briefly for an hour, I've bought a pair of DT1350s though and need to recoup the funds from these. More info on them can be found here.   It's lucky I did check them out before listing them, as they were manufactured pretty early on with faulty glue on the around-ear PU foam pads. I superglued them back together as a temporary measure to test them and emailed AIAIAI, who sent me a brand new pair of pads, acknowledging...
I won these in a competition, but I've decided to sell them to fund the purchase of a pair of Beyerdynamic DT1350s in the hope that they will be the perfect portable for me.   The headphones are cosmetically flawless and even still smell pretty new! They really are beautiful and well-made headphones as well, I should note. There is a tiny nick on the hard clamshell case, which they have always been kept in when not in use. I would estimate that they've had no more...
PM sent
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