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I won these in a head-fi meet raffle and opened them to check them out briefly for an hour, I've bought a pair of DT1350s though and need to recoup the funds from these. More info on them can be found here.   It's lucky I did check them out before listing them, as they were manufactured pretty early on with faulty glue on the around-ear PU foam pads. I superglued them as a temporary measure to test them and emailed AIAIAI, who sent me a brand new pair of pads,...
Bump... Open to offers on the cable, the headphones or both.
Now £180 posted in the UK  
Time for a price drop and bump I think, now £180 + postage & fees (if not gifted).
I think these are the ones you'll need: Lunashops 'Belkin' 3.5mm Plug. I recently used them for a very similar project and you can do lots of nice things with the finish (e.g. spray paint, brushed metal), I think white sprayed or brushed could look really good here, or just as they are - if you want to remove the logo, it scratches off pretty easily without scratching the metal, as long as you use something which isn't chemically harder than the chrome finish. They're a...
Yeah I got one too, really happy with it! Did you get the mini toolkits they had as well?
Thanks! It's Halford's own brand stuff, about the equivalent of $10 for a 500ml can. I just rubbed it down with wet 'n' dry (can't remember what grit sorry!), wiped it over with isopropanol to degrease and then sprayed. I think it should be durable, I gave it three coats, and the paint is designed for cars/bikes so I can't see it chipping just on audio plugs.
Thanks Frank, yeah Luke sent me one with the aluminium tube, decided to go for that instead of neutrik barrel in the end as it's a little lighter for IEM use.   Few other bits I've been meaning to post:   I sleeved shortened and reterminated a HD25 cable for another headfier a while back:           And I've made a 3.5mm-3.5mm specifically for use with AiAiAi TMA-1 Studio headphones which I won, although they're for sale as I decided to get DT1350s...
Also, for anyone in the UK with a 'Lidl' nearby I found this on sale tomorrow for £5! You generally have to be pretty quick to get in on Lidl deals though.  
My first in a while and my first IEM cable as well, this one's for another head-fier    Toxic Cables 26AWG SPC, genuine gold-plated Oyaide R/A 3.5mm, aluminium tube with black heatshrink for y-split (thanks cogs!) and wooden bead for slider.    
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