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Selling this as I now have an iPod Classic and Android Phone   It's in good cosmetic condition. There is only one small scratch on the screen (pictured) as I discovered it had a factory fitted screen protector about a month ago! There is a ~3mm chip to the front glass on the top left corner (again, pictured). This doesn't impair the wonderful OLED screen at all - I smoothed down the glass with a file as well so it isn't sharp. There is minor scuffing to the black...
Problem solved, I hadn't scanned for my library correctly - my fault! Now switching perfectly as before. Will BitPerfect continuously monitor the directory it found for iTunes (or does it even need to)? Thanks for a wonderful app as always and have a great Christmas.
Hi Agentsim, having some issues with the auto sample rate switching this evening. Haven't used my external DAC (TEAC UD-H01) in a while so not sure which update to attribute this to. I know it was working fine about 2 months ago though. Have you any suggestions with Audio Midi Setup and/or BitPerfect's settings which might help to solve this? Thanks and thank you for the Retina update!
Count me in, very good of you sphinxvc
Wow that braiding is sublime! Great job 
Class job as per usual mate, I'll reply to your PM when I get the chance
For sale elsewhere
Good to see Fostex appear to have thickened the Dx000 pads to nearly J$/Lawton Audio levels with these, maybe they looked at what head-fi users have been doing?
I recently made a cable for a pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio headphones using Toxic Cables UPOCC Copper, to sell with them, but they sold without the cable on eBay so the cable is now for sale.   The cable is just over a metre long, with a 4 conductor round braid sleeved in lovely flexible black nylon multifilament and using straight 3.5mm plugs at both ends (see post 2). The top plug is sprayed satin black (originally to match the headphones) and the bottom plug is a...
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