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Withdrawn for now
Bump and price drop after a little research
Gauging interest in my modified Denon D2000s.   I may need to free up some cash in the coming months and these would probably have to be the first things to go. I would be sad to see these go as they were my first ‘proper’ headphones and I have invested a lot of time (and money!) in them (see below), but if the right offer came along, it could potentially be hard to refuse.   Mods:   DIY Partial Markl Mod (rear of driver damped - centre and ring) Lawton Audio East...
Price drop to £50 posted
Price drop now £15 posted and international postage reduced
Lovely work, did you take any pictures of them opened up?
Happy New Year fellow DIYers, my favourite braiding instructions site is this one:   http://www.seekyee.com/Slings/howtos.htm
Lovely job on those Beyers, look forward to seeing what you do with them later on! It's funny there's been a discussion about them as I've just shortened, sheathed and reterminated my 1350s (see below).       This x100! The wire and chunky jack are a nightmare for on the go, which my 1350s get used for most! I've gone for a simple tidy-up with black multifilament and a Switchcraft R/A  salvaged from an older wire which wasn't getting any use:         It's a shame as I...
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