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 Technics SL-1500 and an Audio Technica AT-20SL with an ATN-15 stylus (because holy crap the NOS styli are expensive)
While we're on the subject of carts, what would you suggest for a warmer/slightly dark signature for around or less than $150? My setup right now is sickeningly bright as it seems (turntable has been leveled and is sitting on cork), for classical it's ok but anything else just sounds wrong
 Warning stickers are already on your amps, correct? I do not remember
 According to KAB, the super OM series out-performs the 2M series, although I'll let you test that out.
 I saw a video of them playing a concert recently and was kind of hopeful about a new album. Last I knew, Dez was refusing because of drug use by the other members. Also the new slipknot song definitely doesn't live up to the one just before it
 it was sad when it left though
 I'm ok with this. been a fan of nu metal since the peak (01-02)
 overprices as heck, but if you're happy then that is all that really matters
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