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 I asked him a while back, he's kind of burnt out on BM. Although he never said this change is permanent, it's just artistic freedom
 Been drinking a lot more tea lately, seems to mix really well with cannabis
Weed has turned my life around guys. I don't feel the need to drink till I blackout anymore and my family is all voting pro pot in the coming election as a large result     HYDROGRIND (Peace be with you,yes on 3 and no on 2 if in Ohio)
  You MF'er 
 Pure stats - Mani. 
get out
SLAMthony DEATHtano gave the new Cattle Decap album an 8, but said it was a little too clean in parts
 Hey if you got through hell witthout anything at all then much respect. as for me... well I just had my first blunt and I'm in love
MMM, it's like the feeling before shock treatment, but without the negatives    
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