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 I knew you would change your mind. The album is on the surface very same-y, but for the dedicated Corpse fan there are nuances, tones, and guitar attacks that feel fresh. I haven't heard Webster's bass sound like that in a long time
I would say a 3 is too low, at least go with a 3.5. I hated the way Rutan made every album sound so my excitement is partly that Rutan had little to nothing to do with production on this.
The new cannibal corpse album won't win the dynamic range by any means, but disregarding that is mandatory. A Skeletal Domain will easily be in my Top 5 at the end of the year
Very time sensitive: is the NAD C340 worth $150? I could get that, sell my receiver and get a schiit modi or just keep my receiver
 I have tried pulling the suckers off, but they seem ro be held on by a screw or something. KAB has quite a few foot options for the SL12X0, so I'm assuming they'd work with the SL1500. But I'll look for squash balls in the meantime
  I built a base using MDF, cork and almost 1" iso cones I had left over. It might be placebo but I really think the sound has tightened up
 I'll keep this in mind, always deleted the update afterwards but thought the dx50 created folders were necessary. 
 I wish my brother was into metal, his idea of metal stopped with Slipknot's Vol. 3 and Disturbed.......I even gave him some High On Fire but it was a waste of time
 The doom bands of today were influenced by candlemass, black sabbath and pentagram. 
 Dude....  Epicus Doomicus is untouchable. The messiah marcolin trilogy is also legendary. I have heard some of the rob lowe fronted releases and they are pretty good (however he is much better suited for Solitude Aeternus), and the other stuff alludes me.
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