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 We'll agree to disagree. I really like the first few Venom albums (haven't gotten around to listening to their latest) Cronos' skullet is legendary
This band is very good (think Austere). Digital is NYP
Debut Carbons are $319 on massdrop right now
I have had the sr60i's, but when the pads fell off I was never able to get them back on.
justin bieber is my favorite black metal band
I can do some nu metal, but not limp bizkit or linkin park, korn is borderline. P.O.D is my bread and butter for nu metal (since '08 they have been all over the place), tho
 And for those who agreed, 8awg speaker wire did nothing but possibly cause damage to the connections of my speakers/amp. If you are going 1 1/2 meters, 14 guage is MORE than enough
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