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 He is the stephen colbert of thrash metal, haven't picked up on it yet?
Does anyone else think a cannabis corpse / cephalic carnage collab should happen?
     You're referring to Risecore. This is post-hardcore  
 Wrong thread m8
tumblr pls go.     Back on topic   does Schiit have any hybrid amps?
"problematic"   god I hate that word. 
 We'll agree to disagree. I really like the first few Venom albums (haven't gotten around to listening to their latest) Cronos' skullet is legendary
This band is very good (think Austere). Digital is NYP
Debut Carbons are $319 on massdrop right now
I have had the sr60i's, but when the pads fell off I was never able to get them back on.
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