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 Hey if you got through hell witthout anything at all then much respect. as for me... well I just had my first blunt and I'm in love
MMM, it's like the feeling before shock treatment, but without the negatives    
 AA in itself is a farce, realistically and scientifically. I just need to find the right strains of weed for what point of day. A year ago my family would have crucified me, but I only got a scolding for accidentally just getting my little sister high. Oh and I just ordered seeds to grow specifically for my mom. Time is *****in' weird, man
 25, and yes many times the programs become their obsession, Toby Morse of H2O is so intoxicated with straightedge it might as well be a drug
 I have had the 600 ohm editions too. They sounded heavenly, but the headband was so godd*mned loose it drove me insane. That was when I had the Maverick D2/A1 combo
 Well first off I'm kind of dealing with substance abuse (booze) and am trying to switch to a more natural, less harmful vice.... so audio in general isn't even in the picture. That being said, I would probably end up going low-mid with Beyer 880-250's
Ian wanted me to post this   Think early Paradise Lost worship with melodic elements
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