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I'd like to make a quick edit to my gear -   Mezzo Soprano AK120 (dual 8741 in software mode w/dual filters + balanced out (however no cable available for balanced out though apparently it is the same cable used for Hifiman Balanced Out)   (Schiit Bifrost Uber w/USB & Cavalli EHHA Rev. A will be there as per original gear list)   Sennheiser HD580     Thanks!
Responded - ue11 is still available. Thanks for the inquiry
No updates on the headphonia support forum .... I check it every few days.... To be expected (though can be a bummer at times - but IMO well worth the wait!
First owner is from this ad: I received this unit (2nd owner) the week of June 14, 2014 (original owner purchased in april 2014) I'm selling because I've discovered the kick a$$ness of the hd800 balanced and am looking for a balanced desktop to complement it. Buyer please pay PayPal vs gift. I'll take care of 1/2 shipping+insurance CONUS (Pic above from...
Pictures to follow as I'm posting this from work - Curiosity killed the cat and I wanted to test this out with my Balanced LCD-3s (also for sale) - can combine shipping if you'd like to purchase both - and I'll knock off $25 total price Buyer please pay paypal and shipping No Trades Thanks
2nd owner - I wanted to try this out with my Cavalli EHHA but only can keep 1 flagship - that being the HD800 MINT condition w/ 5' 4XLR blue dragon cable &7.5 ft.ALO Audio SXC cable with 1/8" plug2 stock cables (balanced and 1/4 terminated)Wood Care OilAudeze Travel Case Paypal Included - Shipping will be split between myself and buyer This is not the Fazor Version
Awesome ckryan3. I'm just about to get mine modded (ak120) and hopefully have it in time for the Bay Area meet July 19. I just have to second that Birdoffice has went above and beyond to patiently answer any questions related to his mod. It definitely eases the anxiety about sending my ak120 overseas for the mod.
Thanks so much Anak! Look forward to more impressions from other users... Curiosity is killing this cat before I pull the trigger and mod my ak120
Hey Anak - Just checking to see if you had any brief impressions re: your Mezzo Modded AK100 or 120??  I just picked up a 120 and am uber tempted - but feel like I'd be walking on blind faith.  (Also if you could possibly give a quick note re: battery life and if it's generally the same as the RWAK120 (I think they say 10-20% decrease??)   Thanks so much
Incl PayPal and shipping conus Has some oxidation as seen per pictures which is purely aesthetic. Purchased a silver cable so I'm selling this.
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