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Second owner, received 9/15/16 but unfortunately active noise cancelling isn't for me. I'm the 2nd owner, the first is a head-fier whose original post with pictures are here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/819899/bose-qc20i Price includes shipping and PayPal CONUS (only) Only has about an hours worth of listening on my end.
Received September 14th 2016, I've placed approximately 1 hour on them - they're just not my cup of tea unfortunately Purchased from Amazon by original owner (head-fi member "desik") this year (receipt will be included for warranty purposes) Shipping CON US included, buyer please pay PayPal fee Pictures on the original link: (please message me if you'd like additional pictures) http://www.head-fi.org/t/819878/sennheiser-ie80-excellent-condition
I got greedy and pulled the trigger on these - received them 7/6/16 but I think the signature is a little too dark for my liking.  PM me for pics if you'd like - the condition is as new, comes with all 3 sized tips (S, M, L), box, and case.    All inclusive CON US, no trades please
No trades please, requests will respectfully be ignored, firm with price Buyer please pay PayPal fees and $25 of the shipping CONUS Excellent Condition with box (HD800) #1: Stock Cable: Reterminated proximally with Audeze jacks and distal with 4XL balanced -Hd800 to Audeze adapter ~6 inches made with stock cable -4XLto 1/4 SE 6 inch adapter (made with stock cable) -4xl to RSA balanced 6 inch adapter made with DHC OCC Cable) -4XL to 3.5 balanced adapter (compatible...
Includes box, if I sell this is like to buy the v2+ on the fs boards Firm with price PayPal on buyer please
Buyer please pay shipping and PayPal... Pictures to soon follow. Excellent condition Just FYI, outside of CONUS shipping will cost >$60 (express as that's the only way to get tracking and insurance - the only way I'll send)
Home theater (pretty heavy duty) cabinet. Used Sparingly for a couple of months and then my youngest kid started to walk. Excellent Condition but more of a matte black than "gloss" Shoot me a PM if you'd like actual pictures of the unit. Firm with price (asking price is cash), no trades please
buyer please pay paypal fees - excellent condition; selling because I'm content with my GOV2 to power my HD800s - just simplifying the chain Please shoot me PM for pictures if you'd like 'em! Firm with price, no trades, CONUS only
Backing placed from S1+ updated pads I replaced these with so adhesive may not stick as new but they do still stick. Excellent condition CONUS ONLY PLEASE
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