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-Headphone(s) you possess: 1. Markl Modded Denon D2000 w/Q Audio Cable + Markl Mods 2. HD800 stock -DAP(s) you possess: 1. Mezzo Hifi AK120 (dual 8741 in SW mode) 2. Iphone 5s used w/Centrance Hifi-m8 -FiiO product(s) you possess (if any): 1. none - just the 90 deg. LOD -Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted: 1. Participated in the LCD-3/Burson Soloist audition program (no link however) -Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you...
I'd be interested to know if the dac/amp of the A1 is different (or the implementation of the dac/amp) than that of the Hifi-m8 LX - of course the sexy form factor wouldn't be there using an AK1?0 with A1 but on another hand, you would get the versatility of being able to use both ak vs ios using cck using the lx version of the Hifi-m8 (not to mention ability to use as usb dac)... Killer sound and killer versatility - all in a transportable vs portable package
Sells for $95 through moon-audio with this length/set of connectors... I received it in a trAde but have no use for it. Price inclusive of shipping CONUS Buyer please pay paypal
OOOOHHHH I forgot about the best part of the Stance S1's - Battery life.  Despite being able to be used passively (corded/no battery needed),  Internal battery lasts ~12 hours, however it also has the capability to use 2 "AAA" batteries - so if you have rechargeable eneloops, you can have a butt load of wireless listening hours on this bad boy.
I had a great time at the meet!   I was so tired that morning but have to thank the folks in the boon-docks (Monterey room I believe) for being awesome!  I agree, there wasn't very heavy foot traffic in our room for some reason or another but being my first experience attending/bringing my gear to a meet - we had fun.   A couple of notes (Unfortunately I wasn't able to do any critical listening but rather got a general gist of things I liked):   1. Pendulumic Stance...
Quick question for you guys (rookie user here)... Can the balanced out on the mezzo ONLY be connected to balanced in on an external amp? Or can a balanced iem be connected directly to the 3.5 out (like the 2.5 on the ak240?). Thanks
Interest check as a couple things at the SF bay meet have sparked my interest. Buyer please pay shipping/insurance CONUS - buyer also please pay PayPal. No trades. Firm with Price AK120 box/accessories/brown leather case are included
Purchased new at the SF meet July 19, 2014 (1 day old in relation to when I posted this FS posting) Show special was $179 + tax which came to $192 and change Shipping included in price but buyer please pay PayPal vs gift Firm with Price, no trades These sound really good for bluetooth headphones. To me the mids are forward which gave them a unique sound especially for jazz and vocals which is why I purchased them. Battery life is insane however... 12 hours using...
I realize bose is looked down on, on this site, but I really think the Bose Bluetooth Soundlink Mini is a fantastic portable speaker - easy to connect, excellent battery life, extremely portable (can fit comfortably in a backpack-messenger bag, and most of all the ability for that little box to fill a small room. For $199 msrp or ~$175 ish street price, I personally LOVE it.
Pan Am in Silver
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