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No box - included are: -usb cable -charger -DAC/amp -2 centrance bands Mint condition!! The mini USB TO LIGHTNING IS ON A SEPERATE LISTING AND I'll include it for $55 if purchased with the amp Buyer please pay shipping and PayPal fees
Just received this yesterday 12/22/14 from HF member oracle. I'm the second owner. I've out about 2 hours on it and basically just wanted to try this bad boy out because of all the hype! All I can say is that if the little schiit DAC (magni or modi - I forget) works well with the Vali, they would be an "end game" budget DAC/amp combo. I already have a hybrid (Cavalli ehha) so of course I'm gonna stay with that one so I'm passing the Vali onto someone else. Buyer please...
Yup - was lured in by the Amazon Lightning deal. My taste in sound has changed I guess in that I'm not the biggest fan of the ear rumbling bass. Has only gone through 1 charge cycle and comes with box and all accessories (received 12/22/15) Firm with price - buyer please pay shipping (I'll take care of PayPal fees)
2nd owner, great condition, recently serviced by Pete Millet for a broken gain switch so all functions well and is in great condition (just sand-sized white specks as you can see on the picture.Buyer please pay PayPal and shipping. (Leckerton amp not included.... It was the only pic I had on hand of the cable)
Pictures to follow soon - I'd be up for partial trade for a centrance hifi-m8 XLR (still debating whether to get rid of TTVJ Slim vs Leckerton - we'll see which one goes first)
I preordered this in January.  Apparently my taste re: EQ has changed and I'd like to go back to a Centrance HIfi-m8 XLR   I originally had thought that with the free punchboard vs. tube board we would get the "neutral" board as well but that wasn't the case so this will come with the box and all accessories, (2x mini 90/90 interconnects, micro USB charger and amp   MINT condition - only has been charged through 1 cycle (received the amp 12/12/14)   Apparently the...
MINT condition, all boxes etc included, Glove A1 has been charged through 2 cycles since it was purchased last week. CONUS only, I can include receipt for warranty purposes on request
Thanks to Pendulumic/Mike - They graciously sent me a pair of larger ear pads for my S1... Made a substantial increase in clarity (I took out the foam between the pads and drivers as well - kind of like the HD6??, not sure if it made any difference sound-wise but it definitely makes me sleep better at night thinking that it did.  The S1s are what Bluetooth headphones should cost and sound like.  They have a little bit of a Sennheiser HD600-like sound signature in my rookie...
~$50-60 insured international priority express which is the only way to get full insurance and tracking.... Expensive, but in relation to how much the amp cost when released still ~$200 off despite the crazy shipping... Also checked out by Pete Millet prior to me receiving it from original owner
~50% off what they would cost from Mezzo Hifi.  Includes shipping and paypal fees CONUS (international please pay shipping at cost)
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