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Sorry Frank, please could you confirm for the Black Widow (IEM) cable are you using 22 or 26? Your website advertises 26.
Aether(Demo) = Heir10.0 = K10U > Flare R2Pro > Roxeanne (U) = CA 8.2(Demo) > Layla (U) > Flare R2A > Fa4e XB > SA6
Price drop
Had a look at the new flares today at canjam. Looking and sounding good. The new version looks like fixed cables/fixed drivers with a new Flare designed Kevlar cable design. Looks and feels way more sturdy than the originals. The new design is also now back vented. The front sound tube has a central bore which widens (similar to fitear parterre metal bores). Flare are also including their own design of ear tip which seems like a foam type tip. Feels hard-wearing and looks...
I'm quite interested in understanding how the Aether compares to the CA Andromeda if anyone has both? Looking forward to sampling the Aether this coming Sunday at London CanJam.
This is a brand new unit (a replacement issued by Chord as mine developed a faulty battery).   However, as amazing as it is I never get to use it so will use the opportunity to sell on brand new so someone else can enjoy it.   It has been removed from the box for the initial 10hr charge and has been run-down once from full charge.   Buyer must pay paypal fees / I will cover £10 of tracked shipping.
Finally willing to part with my FA 4E XB if anyone's interested. PM for details.
I'd pick the A5's (I have never used the newer A5x so not sure if this is different) over the Genelec's any day for a desktop setup. The A5 is very dependant on correct nearfield positioning to get the best though otherwise, as a room speaker they lose their magic. Also the A5 is very precisely tuned and will not reach low sub bass. It does exactly what it says on the tin and provides accuracy at the frequency specified. The Genelec is a bit more boomy in the low end so...
I own both Adam A5's and 8010 and have tried both with the Mojo. Some observations...   Genelec's do indeed provided a great active desktop setup. They are small, tough as nails (a lot heavier than you'd expect!), can pump out some serious volume (without distortion) for their size. However, compared to the A5's they lack transparency and soundstage depth. The 8010 sound great but they feel very much like you are 'listening to the speaker' whereas with the A5 positioned...
I'm running Adam A5's off Mojo as a desktop setup.    Sounds really musical to me! I've had the Adam's for 6 years and still going strong.    I've not done in-depth analysis/comparisons with my other DAC's but I'm now only using the Mojo to feed them running Spotify (with Equalify Pro so I can send ASIO/Wasapi signal direct to Mojo) and it does the job for me.    I can't recommend Adam A5 speakers enough (and the A7X are even more amazing). They're analytical, yes,...
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