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DFB and IT03 have great synergy IMO. Gives them good power which helps for a fuller sound.
Yep - and that's why I say it's a preference thing. But I have to say, form factor, usability, build quality and just the general execution of the physical product by Fiio is spot on. 
I have been deliberating over the past few days whether I have suddenly got some very slight imbalance. Sounds like the bass is slightly skewed to the left. Want to test on another cable before I send in. Unfortunately don't have spare MMCX cables!
 I got this because of your youtube review and comments comparing with Mojo. Unfortunately I cannot agree with your findings and this may be down to a preference thing so would like to bring a bit of balance in here from a different perspective.  I owned (and sold on due to bulk and my required usage) Mojo, have a HRT Microstreamer, Dragonfly Red and Black. I've been using these DAC's with my phone for my everyday portable usage with IEM's. I generally use Spotify (use...
 Good question. I've installed Spotify through the Fiio app store and there is no band equaliser. It's disabled in Spotify. Anyone know how to access the android EQ for third party apps?
Received mine today. Not had a chance to load anything onto it but been using Spotify extreme streaming.   First impression is that it's good but nothing is jumping at me as exceptional. Sounds a bit smeared, lacks focus and treble definition compared to my HRT Microstreamer out of laptop and has a narrower soundstage.   Will load better quality material when I get a chance later.   Anyone found this required burning in?
...And in other news Spotify is apparently going lossless! Great time to buy the X5 iii
 You ordered from EA through amazon right? I just picked up the last one they had in Titanium and says it's just been despatched. Quoted date is between 3rd - 6th March. Did you take delivery before your quoted date?
Same here - I immediately cancelled and picked up the last one from EA Audio on amazon.   I am hoping that it's not a mistake on amazon as there is no stock on EA's own website. Amazon says it should be delivered Friday but nothing has yet been progressed on the order.   Fingers crossed.
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