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Reading the latest updates on headfi after a few red wines is dangerous business. I appear to have just pulled the trigger!
  I'm also thinking of getting the IT03 to use on the go / exercise with a Westone bluetooth cable. You should check Twisters recent review of the cable, it looks promising. In his review he says he finds APTX connection to his phone produces better results than wired to phone. I have also found similar results with my Elecom APTX Bluetooth dongle and One Plus X phone. I know it seems weird but the sound is actually more crisp/clean, better focussed and with less...
Sammy - Do you have a picture of the MMCX (Female) to 2-Pin (Male) connector?
But this is kind of my point! Most good quality monitors with a decent tuning are capable of reproducing exactly the same details. How the are presented however is a different matter.   Is the IEM surfacing details through it's resolution? In which case everything is not immediately obvious but is actually presented in a relaxing, natural and coherent way, or is the IEM forcing the details through frequency emphasis/tuning? With the latter, when demoing IEM's it may...
Also, detail is not the be all and end all as we all know! Effortlessness, realism, tone and resolution for me are far more important aspects. There are too many products out there that artificially bring out details through flattening the image / dynamics and putting unnatural emphasis on specific frequency ranges to etch the sound (think application of sharpening tool on photoshop on a point and shoot vs. a well taken image with a highly resolving DSLR!!). 
Like others I think with all the hype it would be useful to get some more 'substance' to the claims, when the excitement of new toy and price to value ratio simmers down the specific areas that define the musicality and technicality of a particular earphone is what will separate it or place it with others. This takes time and detailed comparison against other earphones (at least for me) as it needs to be understood what something is being measured against.    Like others...
Nice! But how will the winner of round 2 fare against the current reigning champ!! Will we find out?
I think he is referring to how much filtration has been applied to the high frequency BA drivers.   The metal / plastic filters you can see in the sound tubes of your CIEM / IEM are put in place by designers to achieve the desired frequency response from a driver - basically creating the 'tuning' of the earphone.   With regards to the Aether, I believe the designers used a TWFK driver for the high range which is quite bright / detailed (Dunu 2000 / CK10 / etc), this...
Does anyone have info on how long Flare will be supporting repairs and production of replacement drivers of the original R2's? Hopefully those customers will not be forgotten!
Sorry Frank, please could you confirm for the Black Widow (IEM) cable are you using 22 or 26? Your website advertises 26.
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