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I’ve been comparing my Lyr 2 with my Lake People G109. To my ear the Lyr is more accurate. Tighter bass, cleaner sound particularly with layered material. But somehow the G109 tends to sound more “real” with voices and acoustic instruments. I keep going back and forth and quite frankly it’s confusing. Each time I switch to the Lyr I think, this amp is definitely technically better, and each time I switch back to the 109 I think, but these voices just sound real. That...
I saw Steven Wilson live about a month ago. It was really, really good. The combination of media, lights, shadow and projection made some songs like Index awesomely creepy.
For sale is my practically new Lyr 2. It packs some SERIOUS power. Purchased new direct from Schiit on April 8, 2015. I bought this to power my LCD-2s but I just don't have enough home listening time to justify keeping it. Includes stock tubes and all original packaging. Has a couple small nicks as seen in the photos. Will ship to US locations or hold for pickup at my office in midtown Manhattan. Asking $375.
For sale is my HR-2. Sounds great looks great. I purchased this from another head-fi member in 2012. Has a few small nicks as seen in the pictures. Will include power cord but I don't have the original box or packing materials. Price includes safe packing, shipping, insurance and paypal fee. Asking $275. Retail is $875. Will ship to US locations or hold for pickup at my office in midtown Manhattan.
EDIT - SOLD   For sale is my set of Audeze LCD-2 headphones. Fazor version. Manufactured on Dec 31, 2014. I purchased these new from B&H on March 31st for $1083 after tax. Original receipt included. Also includes rugged travel case, stock se cable, 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, foam driver separator, manual, blank warranty card and certificate of authenticity with matching serial number. Will place travel case in original box for shipping. As you can see from the photos these...
Has anyone else had a chance to try out this amp? There doesn't seem to be much talk about it anywhere.
I'm pretty sure my wireless M2s were stolen out of the outer pocket of my backpack on the nyc subway about a week ago. I am beyond pissed. I'm also an idiot.
Has anyone compared the G109 to any of the RSA desktop amps like the HR-2? In the only direct comparison I could find, the reviewer seemed to prefer the HR-2. 
Im told this had nothing to do with my listening habits. Just a random virus probably related to a cold i had at the time. I supposedly messed up my inner ear pressure while chewing with blocked tubes. Didnt have any visible ear infection, wax, etc. Just totally random. Cant remember the exact words but that's basically it.
 Hey thanks. Extended break for sure. I even put all my gear back in the boxes. I'm told I have another 4-5 months before we're into permanent tinnitus territory.
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