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  There's a place near me that sells mostly Jamaican patties. You can smell the oil down the block but can't smell the food until you go in. Pretty nasty.
I think a lot of them are probably buying them as a gift for a man.
Crazy lady on the subway. Smelled like the fermented and baked contents of several porto potties. Like if you did all your business in your thick wool garments every day for 3 years and never changed them. She appeared to be wearing a heavy dose of pungent perfume to mask the smell but it made it 10 times worse. Within 2 stops, half the subway car was cleared out. People were gagging 20 feet away. I moved to the next car along with a group of women and one of them...
I caught on to the same cycles of popularity in home hi-fi as well. New offerings, new companies get their 15min and then poof. I now only buy from established companies that offer US-based warranty service/customer support, and  I buy older bits that have withstood the test of time.
I'd recommend learning to ride a regular bike first, if you haven't. I'd also recommend telling your doctor your concerns. He/she could definitely point you towards a physical therapist or other professional who could assist you.
Halle Berry Mila Kunis   /thread
I'm pretty excited about the purchases I've made in the last few months. I recently got a raise and a bonus so I went a bit HAM. EBMM JP6.     PRS SC245 (OOohhhhhh   yeeahhhhh)   A second HD 7970 with an Accelero Xtreme cooler.       Cooler master HAF XM case with 4x200mm silent fans.
Canada Mexico  Costa rica Belize Trinidad and tobago France Italy Switzerland Spain Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Australia   I live in nyc. All for pleasure as opposed to work. I have been very fortunate.
Yesterday I stood next to someone on the NYC 4/5 express going downtown rocking 325s into a JDS amp. I give it a roughly 100% chance that you're around here somewhere. Thumbs up!
  You can also take the subway to Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn and get on the LIRR there. The LIRR trains at Penn Station and Atlantic Terminal don't run on the same schedule so be sure to look at the correct one.
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