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For sale here is my Creek 5350SE integrated amp with original remote and generic power cord. This is the original classic version, not the new evo version. Selling this due to a switch from stereo to surround.   This particular unit is from the last batch of 5350s made before the release of the new version. All of the units in that run use a new selector switch which gets finicky over time, including the one in this unit. When you select an input you sometimes need to...
Edited in lower price and gave location.
 I heard about that and, unfortunately, ignored the reviews. Yesterday I found some in stock at J&R so gave them a shot. I charged them overnight and took a quick listen this morning. I'm getting signal drop, like a cd skipping, every few seconds even when sitting right next to the base. I'm also getting signal distortion. When it works it sounds fantastic but I'll be returning these immediately. Oh well, was worth a try. Anyone know of similar "no compromise" wireless...
I live in NYC and generally assume that flagship products will be available for sale somewhere in the area. The RS 220 is not in stock at any store that I can find. Is that as strange as I think it is? 
Sent you a PM.
I sent you a PM.
Popped on to remind myself when the meet was and turns out I missed it. Noooooooo
I recently bought an expensive sub that was shipped fedex ground. When it got here the heavy reinforced foam on one end of the manufacturer's shipping box box was completely destroyed and the box had split open in 2 spots. It had clearly been dropped from a significant height. Unsurprisingly, the sub didn’t work. I contacted the seller who filed a damage claim. He then told me I could call fedex and schedule a pickup. I tried and was told that the seller hadn't filed all...
Will do... I paid for a working sub and received a non-working sub so worst case scenario I'm pretty sure I can get my money back through Paypal.
Dealer demo Revel M106 monitors in walnut. These have only been available for a few months so there weren't many reviews for me to read, but I have a feeling that once major publishers put out reviews I'd be able to sell these for more than I paid for them. Also bought the matching B112 sub but it was damaged in shipping . These things are ridiculous. Easily up there as one of my most satisfying audio purchases of all time.  
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