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 I just received my Asgard 2 today. I've also had a Lyr 2 in my office setup for a bit. Do Schiit amps have a bass boost? My initial thought with the Lyr was, oh man the bass came alive! The more I listened the more I started to think it was an artificial boost.Now with the Asgard 2 it seems even more apparent. Maybe the boost is just done better on the Lyr? Maybe the tubes in the Lyr offset it with a bit of mid sweetness? Maybe I'm used to sub-par bass? Using the Asgard 2...
EDIT - Company refused to honor my warranty at first but after a few emails and a call we worked something out, so my situation is pretty much resolved.
Purchased a couple weeks ago direct from Violectric USA. As new with all original packaging. I've decided to go with an amp that has pre-outs. Price includes insured shipping to US and all fees. No trades, please.
I have never believed that cables make a difference as i have never heard a difference in any cable... until now. I was in a bind and needed a cable, like, NOW, so walked over to BestBuy and bought their house brand cheap interconnect. Its effect was not subtle. So much bass was missing that i thought something was wrong with my amp. It was incredible. How can they sell this stuff to people? Do they engineer it like this on purpose or just not care?
 Nice!Oh dear. The discount works for the JH Audio iems. This could me the end of me.
Very true. Was just shocked.
Uh, that front page Livesoundwave deal is pretty good. Almost too good. 25% of the Hugo actually works in the cart. Not that I'm going to buy one, but that's a large savings. Anyone ever buy from these guys?
I’ve been comparing my Lyr 2 with my Lake People G109. To my ear the Lyr is more accurate. Tighter bass, cleaner sound particularly with layered material. But somehow the G109 tends to sound more “real” with voices and acoustic instruments. I keep going back and forth and quite frankly it’s confusing. Each time I switch to the Lyr I think, this amp is definitely technically better, and each time I switch back to the 109 I think, but these voices just sound real. That...
I saw Steven Wilson live about a month ago. It was really, really good. The combination of media, lights, shadow and projection made some songs like Index awesomely creepy.
For sale is my practically new Lyr 2. It packs some SERIOUS power. Purchased new direct from Schiit on April 8, 2015. I bought this to power my LCD-2s but I just don't have enough home listening time to justify keeping it. Includes stock tubes and all original packaging. Has a couple small nicks as seen in the photos. Will ship to US locations or hold for pickup at my office in midtown Manhattan. Asking $375.
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