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Never gets old....    
 Thanks!! Dropping the upper mids a db or 2 definitely seems to be the key for me when used out of my Asgard 2. However, I'm not sure it's for me when used straight out of my s5. For metal I tend to lean towards progressive of various flavors. Some of it, like Meshuggah or Devin Townsend, may also just sound bad no matter what you do.
 I got the PM-3 a couple days ago and while they do sound great with a lot of music, they just aren't doing it for me with metal. I think it definitely needs a bit of bass eq and the treble in distorted guitars sounds rough. I think I prefer my M50s for metal, which is pretty disappointing. 
Tonight  I brought the PM-3 home. My office setup is foobar--Musical Fidelity v90 dac--Schiit Lyr 2. My home setup is foobar--Schiit Wyrd--Schiit Modi 2 Uber--Schiit Asgard 2. My comments on the previous page were with my office system. The bass on my home system is notably stronger and the sound is overall more full through the mids, and imo better. It sounds more like I hoped it would. With the home system the pm-3 sounds much more like the response curve shows. It...
Anyone know what Oppo means by "refurbished"? Just returned, or was there something actually wrong with the units? Some of their refurbished items have a nice discount.
Something about eating animals that have long lifespans really weirds me out. Even lobster.
 I have the Focal Spirit Pro and received my PM-3s today. The very first thing I noticed was that the soundstage was larger. I'm at work and couldn't give you a detailed comparison at the moment, but the change wasn't subtle. Other first impressions with my Lyr 2:The case is pretty sweet.I love that they lie flat.It is super comfortable. It fits well, stays in place and doesn’t draw attention.It sounds more like an improved HP-50 than a scaled-down LCD-2.On paper the PM-3...
 Uhhhh... I've had the UE18s for 3 years or so and my experience has been that they have huge, bottomless, eardrum-pounding bass and sub-bass. Something may have been off.
 I just received my Asgard 2 today. I've also had a Lyr 2 in my office setup for a bit. Do Schiit amps have a bass boost? My initial thought with the Lyr was, oh man the bass came alive! The more I listened the more I started to think it was an artificial boost.Now with the Asgard 2 it seems even more apparent. Maybe the boost is just done better on the Lyr? Maybe the tubes in the Lyr offset it with a bit of mid sweetness? Maybe I'm used to sub-par bass? Using the Asgard 2...
EDIT - Company refused to honor my warranty at first but after a few emails and a call we worked something out, so my situation is pretty much resolved.
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