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Just got my BTS today. When connecting my IEMs to the supplied cable, does the orientation of the connector matter (as in colored dot on top or bottom)?
There's some talk in here about whether the 650 needs an amp.   The 650 needs an amp because its impedance is 300 ohms. Most mass market headphones are going to be in the 20-30 range. Because it has decent sensitivity (not the same as impedance) you can get sound out of it using a phone or laptop or whatever, and it may sound good to you, but it will not sound nearly as good as it can or as the creators intended.    Borrowing from an outside source... Think of the high...
I have a magni 2, lyr 2 and hd650s. I just ordered the LISST tubes. Will report when they get in but i dont have a valhalla.
I've been hitting refresh for an hour. I'm dying here.
 I actually considered it but thought people might take me seriously.
 Holy cow. Your speakers are just the right size! 
Seeing there are 1100 pages in this thread someone has probably discussed this, but have people tried the HE-6 with integrated amps/receivers that have a headphone jack powered by the main amp, like a Creek 5350SE? From what I understand, the 5350SE basically has a speaker tap box built into its headphone output. I also happen to have one in my closet. Problem solved? Sorry if this has been answered a hundred times.
Apogee Groove USB DAC/amp. Brand new and unopened. Purchased Aug 12 by me at the Adorama retail store as part of package deal with headphones, and I only want the phones. $200 shipped USPS Priority to lower 48. No trades, please.
 I've even called around and the most anyone will give me is about $30 off full price.
Has anyone seen a current deal on the HD-650? Seems all prices have gone back up to $499. Pretty sure it's a conspiracy against me.
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