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This is way overdue but, back at the last NY Audio Show I tried these. I knew nothing about them and had no idea how expensive they were. I walked up to a table with these phones and a tv playing some performance. I admit my first thought was, "Oh cute. Oppo thinks they know how to make a headphone. lol." I figured the phones were just there as blu ray player accessories. I put them on my head and pretty much instantly had a mouth open "WOW these are really good" moment. I...
I often wear glasses at work and my current office headphone is the Focal Spirit Pro. They sound great, until I slide on my glasses. As soon as the arms go under the pads I lose a good bit of bass and punch, even though I have wire frames, and even though the cups appear to still be flush against my head.   Any chance someone can test out the PM-3 with and without their glasses and let me know if the sound changes?
Anyone know if these are available to audition anywhere in NYC? How about just anywhere to buy in person?
Anyone heard the PM-3 and the Focal Spirit Pros? Thoughts?
edit - I raged about ebay but this is only about paypal. Oops.
I'm interested in the new wireless line (165, 175, 185, 195) but am confused by the marketing. Each product is marketed as satisfying a specific set of needs, rather than saying the 195 sounds better than the 165. I mean if I don't have hearing loss should I buy the 195? What if I want to listen to music but want a closed back? Is the price difference of the models due only to extended range and software features like bass boost and surround or do the more expensive ones...
 This. Larger people always want to sit down on the subway but they might not be so large if they actually stood up every once in a while. Confusing.
I haven't been following this thread closely so this may have already been mentioned, but has anyone else noticed that Buysonic is now offering some products at MSRP? Kinda strange. Doesn't even say call us for a discount. Why would I pay them retail for an EL-8 without the Audeze warranty?
In case anyone is interested, Buysonic has the new Momentum M2 for $199.
Why?!?! Particularly in rock/metal. Even bands who are known for having high quality recordings. I'm listening to Porcupine Tree right now and the band leader's "day job" is producing music, but the cymbals still like trash can lids. What gives? Is it really that hard?
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