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 Roger...I'll keep lookin around. Thanks guys.
Hello all, I recently made a WTB post on an audio forum for some speakers. I got a reply from an authorized dealer (I triple checked) saying they would sell me the speakers I wanted, new, with full warranty, at their net plus shipping and paypal fees. It works out to about 65% of msrp plus shipping/paypal. How is it worth it for them to sell to me for apparently no profit?    My first thoughts were these guys aren't really a dealer, stolen goods, damaged product, etc....
Note that some of the IEMs recommended above have strong boosted bass response so check out some frequency charts before deciding.
I'm in the market for an amp/DAC for my UE18 PROs. I was leaning toward the Benchmark Dac2 until I read it is intended to drive headphones with impedance down to 35ohms. The UEs are 21. Are there any reference-level DAC/amp combos intended for low impedance iems? How about just amps? Thanks! 
What's the best small speaker you'd consider purchasing if it will be placed on a media center instead of stands? We recently went from a very small audio stand to a huge media cabinet ( and I'm looking for a speaker to place on the stand with a 42" lcd between. Would you consider something as high-end as a ProAc Tablette Anniversary? Use is probably 65% tv/movies and 35% music. I have a Revel B112 sub so bass extension...
PS Audio Power Plant Premier in silver. Recently serviced and power module updated to newest version. Transferable PS Audio warranty runs through Feb 2015. Unit is in great condition. Comes with remote, original box and basic power cord. Shipping to continental US only. Paypal add 3%. Free UPS shipping insured for purchase price. Local pickup near Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn welcome.
Quick update: The Jensen isolator fixed it. Wow. Would have saved myself so much trouble by not getting the cheap one the first time around.
 That is encouraging to hear. When I pulled them out of the wash there didn't appear to be water inside (not sure how that happened) so fingers crossed. I'll give them a good while to dry out and see what happens. 
I just put my 535s through the wash in my pants pocket.   Life sucks.   That is all.
Public service announcement. I recently RMA'ed a Powercolor HD7970 that died while I was doing work in Word. My warranty claim was DENIED due to a very small nick on the edge of the card. I didn't even know it was there until I received the zoomed-in shot from the Powercolor warranty guys. Just a heads up that Powercolor will screw you six different ways if you've left so much as a fingerprint on the product. This is the first time in over 10 years I've ever had to RMA a...
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