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The ads show a closed headphone. There was a comment on their facebook page (i think?) suggesting the new model would be closed. I want it to be closed so bad. Please please please.
My opinion is that if they wanted the he-6 to sound like the modded version, they would have done it. You think they didn't play around with all that stuff for thousands of hours? 
Sorry for the thread necro but...   Before I knew the output impedance I hooked my UE18 Pros up to my 5350 for laughs. I thought the sound was outstanding. Good enough that it made me angry I had spent so much $ on headphone amps. I had knelt down in front of my equipment rack to plug in the IEMs and load a cd into my trusty but seldom used tank like sony sacd player, and ended up just laying down on the floor and listening to an entire album, something I pretty much...
 Must.....  Resist..... Wallet.... On fire.....
 To follow up on my earlier post, I contacted them about my busted 132s and I got the bit above, with an added line that they COULD replace my unit if I sent them some info and a copy of my receipt.
Thanks for the heads up on the 990 deal. Nearly pulled the trigger but I just hate coiled cables. Arg! Still considering...   Also, what's up with Buysonic? They have a total of 7 products in stock.
Welcome to my life.  
 Hmm I swear I read somewhere that they would not be providing coverage for Audeo products. I sent them an email so I guess we'll see! Edit - Thanks, musicinmymind, I'll contact cs.
 Don't forget that Audeo is no longer in business so there is no way to get service on these. I got the 132s and after maybe 2 months the sound went out on one side so now I'm stuck. ymmv.
 facepalmYep, that's it. You're a genius. 
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