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Thanks guys. The headphones that live on my desk are ATH-M50s, and the ones I carry around are UE-18 Pros. I'm thinking about upgrading the M50s to a different closed back can but am not sure.
 Where do you live? That looks fantastic.
I just took my relatively large HAF XM system and shrunk it into a Corsair 250D case. Funny thing is my OC is higher with the mITX build. I was running at 4.2 with the full-sized system and with the mITX I can run at 4.7 and even boot at 4.9. Specs are:   Intel 4770k @ 4.7 - 1.3 adaptive voltage MSI Z87I Gaming AC 8gb G.Skill somethingorother EVGA Supernova 1300w Corsair 250D case Corsair H100i EVGA GTX 780 Asus optical drive
I took my Shun chef's knife and tried to hack the bone from a ham in half so I could fit it in my stock pot. Note to self: you are an idiot. Put 4 nice chips in it before I realized what was happening.
I just switched to a mITX system and the onboard audio is definitely lacking. I’m looking for an external soundcard or asynchronous DAC with RCA outputs and a headphone amp. No need for surround. Bonus points if the unit is small. I use the system mostly for gaming, but care more about music quality. I’m currently using an Audinst HUD-mx1 at work and want to find something similar but with a significant bump up in performance but keep the cost under $300. Any suggestions?
Sale pending.
Hello all, I'm cleaning out my electronics closet. I have a HAF XM case (couple extra fans), Corsair AX 850 PSU with a million cables,  NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller,  ASUS Z87-PRO mobo, a random netgear router, an Xbox 360 with 2 controllers (it overheats but have not attempted to fix), Noctua D14 with 1 fan (Intel mounting hardware) and a Creative X-Fi Titanium HD. I have the box for the case, the mobo, the PSU and the fan controller.   I want to sell it all to...
 Haha, we're everywhere!  Thanks for the nice words. I'm sure he'll keep it up as he's completely obsessed. My parents are trying to get him to change up his lyrics a bit to be more reflective of his actual life experiences but don't want to discourage him. 
My younger brother's first music video below. Shot and edited by my sister. Seriously.  
Any chance someone has a list of the songs played in the Palladia commercial for Live From Daryl's House? I'm trying to track down one of those songs but can't figure it out.
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