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I've been wondering, why is the LCD-3 rated higher than the LCD-X in a number of metal categories when by all reports the X has more bass punch and it also doesn't exhibit the bass roll off of the newer fazor LCD-3s?
 I have the PM-3, and while the bass does go all the way down it doesn't hit nearly as hard as the larger planars. I went from an LCD-2 to a PM-3, and am pretty close to jumping back on the LCD/HE-6 bandwagon. I believe the th-900 and 600 are actually vented (on the front side) so I think of them as open. Might be a good thing as the sound in even the open back planars is effectively sealed between the driver and your ear, which pressurizes the bass. Since the planars...
This thread is so old but I'm currently battling intense upgradeitis. My Lyr2 and HD650 sound fantastic but I feel like I NEED a high end planar. Simply can't live without one. I sold my LCD-2 and have an overwhelming desire to top it. Realistically I'll only be able to put significant time on it 1-2 days a week but my brain doesn't care! ArrrgghhH!!!!!
 Sooooo when can I buy one? 
 My Creek 5350SE. Speaker taps or from the headphone output which is powered by the main amp.
I've heard the HE-6 a few times and have absolutely loved it. It's the one headphone I seek out at each meet. I never thought it was too bright in person, but when you look at the response curve it looks like it should be. My preferences are also generally similar to Tyll's, and he finds all hfm headphones too bright. I also owned the LCD-2 fazor for a while and DID think the treble was a bit sharp/rough, but I don't get that feeling from my brief times with the HE-6 even...
It was. I would rather have the ringing forever than take one more of those pills.
I have it due to some kind of strange ear infection. It's usually a relatively quiet, super high pitch  but sometimes it gets louder and/or I get lower buzzing, clicking and what feels like spasms way inside my ear. I went to 3 doctors, general, audiologist and an ENT. I took some kind of steroids for a week that succeeded only in making the ringing worse, and making me feel like my heart was going to explode in my chest along with the arteries in my neck while...
 Great, thanks!
Just got my BTS today. When connecting my IEMs to the supplied cable, does the orientation of the connector matter (as in colored dot on top or bottom)?
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