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The Momentums are very sensitive (110db) and have very low impedance (18 ohms), so they will be susceptible to hiss. I don't think there's any way a new cable would change the hiss. They are basically not designed to be used with a desktop amp. The amp you have also has high output impedance (50 ohms) so the momentum may not be the best headphone for it. Word on the internet is you want your headphone to have an impedance 8x greater than the amp's output impedance to...
 I guess I'm just not convinced beyond maybe 3-4 drivers, in terms of technical necessity. 
 I've never understood why we're supposed to think that more drivers = better.
I received a new LCD-3f yesterday and want to just share my very quick initial reaction.   I previously owned the LCD-2f. I feel with the LCD-3 everything is significantly improved, except the bass.   From memory, the LCD-2 extended lower, had greater impact and strangely felt tighter. I remember feeling that with a few particular tracks the bass stopped and started with such precision and power you could hear tiny spaces between notes that just weren’t there with...
 Has anyone tried this? From the spec sheet the Magni 2 should be able to power the LCD-3 just fine, but how does it sound?
I've been wondering, why is the LCD-3 rated higher than the LCD-X in a number of metal categories when by all reports the X has more bass punch and it also doesn't exhibit the bass roll off of the newer fazor LCD-3s?
 I have the PM-3, and while the bass does go all the way down it doesn't hit nearly as hard as the larger planars. I went from an LCD-2 to a PM-3, and am pretty close to jumping back on the LCD/HE-6 bandwagon. I believe the th-900 and 600 are actually vented (on the front side) so I think of them as open. Might be a good thing as the sound in even the open back planars is effectively sealed between the driver and your ear, which pressurizes the bass. Since the planars...
This thread is so old but I'm currently battling intense upgradeitis. My Lyr2 and HD650 sound fantastic but I feel like I NEED a high end planar. Simply can't live without one. I sold my LCD-2 and have an overwhelming desire to top it. Realistically I'll only be able to put significant time on it 1-2 days a week but my brain doesn't care! ArrrgghhH!!!!!
 Sooooo when can I buy one? 
 My Creek 5350SE. Speaker taps or from the headphone output which is powered by the main amp.
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