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Just got a demo pair for a nice discount. Local shop said I was just the second person to try them. My only quibble so far is that some treble attacks can sound a bit sharp. Is this just how they sound or might it change with break-in? I also admit that after a couple years with the M50 and my UE18 Pros I might need a bit more bass oomph. We'll see if I can reprogram my ears.
 That's pretty nice. Too bad every camera/audio store in NYC closes at 1pm on Friday. I can't even call around to see if anyone will price match.
  I had exactly this plus a sausage of some kind in Colombia and got terrible food poisoning. Just looking at this is making me feel ill, even though I'm sure it's delicious.
Your username is Spareribs. Abandon all hope now. MMMMmmmmm tacos.
Am I the only one who reads great at female vocals, or even worse, main strength lies in its ability to reproduce female vocals to mean really not very good? I’m not just talking about headphones, but all audio equipment and speakers in particular. At audio shows if I walk in a room and hear Norah Jones I make a note of the components and just turn around. This is the best you have to offer? This?! If I read it in an equipment review I generally take it as code for there...
 I get what you're saying but let's look at it this way... That fee is about 26% of the going price for an HD600. Audeze was asking for about 40%. 600 using a mass-produced dynamic driver that's been in production since 2010. LCD-3 using a boutique cutting edge planar magnetic driver that's been in production since 2013, plus Audeze was replacing the drivers with a new version that's been out for less than a year. 600 produced using economies of scale far greater than...
 Yesterday out of curiosity I was looking for places to buy these . It's almost like Philips is trying to hide them from us.
 The warranty on a $1500 HD 800 is 2 years. Do you think they'll replace it for free after 5?
 If I buy a product with a 3 year warranty, I expect it to work for 3 years, and I expect to have to pay to have it fixed after 3 years, because that's how warranties work. Should I just start demanding free replacement of everything I own that's out of warranty because I think it should have lasted longer?
So a company extends their warranty from 1 to 3 years to address driver issues on a small portion of their product, and people are upset that they wanted to charge $800 to basically rebuild a $2000 headphone, replacing all the valuable bits, after 3 years is up? And you're trying to publicly shame them for this? 
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