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I just switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. Just to make sure the sound worked I opened up iTunes and started a random song. It sounds TERRIBLE using usb-->Audinst HUD-mx1-->headphone out. I mean really really bad. Bloated tubby bass, some kind of echo, shimmering distortion like I'm listening to a really old mp3.   If I open playback devices it shows the mx-1 as a SPDIF Inteface and the Enhancements tab from Windows 7 is gone. I can't find any way to alter the sound....
My gf signed us up for a while back. Every week they deliver a box of local(ish)/sustainable ingredients to you with recipes that incorporate most of them, but the box doesn’t contain everything needed for most recipes. It’s great in that we’ve started eating a lot of stuff we wouldn’t otherwise. I thought it would also be great for my wallet as I usually buy all the food (and cook) for both of us and my gf is paying for the service, but the reality is I’m...
I keep getting super busy and missing the meets, but if I can make it I'll probably bring:   LCD-2f Focal Spirit Pro Modi 2 Uber Lyr 2   If anyone is interested I could also bring:   Musical Fidelity v90 dac RSA HR-2 ATH-M50   On a somewhat related note, has anyone else noticed that the NY Audio Show is way out in Westchester this year? It's nearly a 2 mile walk from the nearest train station, and basically no one who lives in the city has a car. Talk about...
I see these on every forum that has a for sale section. Why do people post these instead of WTS ads? It's not like posting a WTS obligates you to sell. I see no advantage.
 All the usual suspects are closed for Passover until April 12, including B&H. Only place I know that sells Grados and is open right now is AC Gears. Actually if he's here for a whole week he'll be here when B&H reopens.
 Yep, I was wrong. The B&H product listing says the balanced cable is included, but Audeze just told me the LCD-2 kit hasn't included a balanced cable or wood care kit for months.
I just called Audeze and they confirmed the LCD-2 no longer comes with a wood care kit or balanced cable. So... Foolish me. Probably should have figured that out for sure before writing B&H an angry letter. I'm that guy. Ugh!
Thanks guys for the thoughts. I gave them another good listen and definitely part of it is me not being used to the resolution, and my right ear seems to be a bit sore so that could be part of the issue as well. I'm going to lay off my IEMs for a while and see how the sound is.   Final edit - Found out the LCD-2s no longer come with the wood care kit or balanced cable, so user error. 
The first NY meet I went to I just couldn't believe that people were giving others permission to kind of wander off with their $$$ headphones to try on some other system. I thought it was amazing. I sincerely hope the recent thefts won't put a damper on the sharing! Major bummer.
No UE this time around?
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